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    [News] Battlestar Galactica Contests

    Bigpoint has announced new Thanksgiving Special giveaway contests for the popular SCI-FI MMO title : Battlestar Galactica Online. These new contests has begun on Thursday and will contine for another 2 days. The first event will offer Experience Point (XP) bonuses.

    Battlestar Galactica Players, listen up. Commander Adama, excuse me, Bigpoint has announced special Thanksgiving Events. These events started November 24 and will last for another two days until 28th. The first part of the events is a XP Booster and players will be receiving Experience Point Bonuses.

    The second event is a PvP battle tournament and it top 20 players on each server will win prizes.

    Official Announcement from Bigpoint:
    “To celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, we’re presenting an exciting tournament competition for fans of BSGO to compete on a new level,” said Sarah Levantine, Producer, Bigpoint. “If we see that the community response is positive, we’re likely to add more of these events on special occasions.”

    To compete in the Nemesis Tournament (Nov. 26-27), players will travel to select sectors identified on the system map. Once there, they will engage in battle against the opposing faction, scoring points for kills. Points can be earned for the duration of the tournament, which will adhere to the same rules as the PvP experience point system.

    At the end of the tournament, the top ten players with the highest scores will be distinguished with a visible icon above their pilot ship name. The top 20 players on each server will be awarded with a number of prizes such as one of the soon-to-be released Carrier Grand Prize, tuning kits, and FTL fragments.

    During the Double XP Booster Event (Nov. 24-25) – players can earn twice the experience points for PvP kills and completing assignments. Also during this event:
    • The daily merit cap will increase to 1500.
    • Players who buy Cubits will receive XP bonuses and higher merit caps.
    • The FTL Fragment Convoy Mission will be available for half price.

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