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    [News] Flyff V18: Renaissance Enters Open Beta

    New Mesmerizing Dungeons and Beta-Exclusive Game Enhancements Await!

    The doors have opened, and players can now explore the Open Beta for the long-awaited Flyff V18: Renaissance! This next expansion will bring new dungeons, great weapons, and over 100 quests to the beloved MMORPG. Along with an early peek at the magical Isles of Euphrasia and the haunting Coves of the Ancients, the beta offers players both new and old a chance to tour the entire game at a fast pace thanks to beta-exclusive game enhancements!

    The open beta introduces 3 mesmerizing new mid- to high-level instanced dungeons, each of which displays Flyff’s trademark playfulness and endlessly inventive art design. Slip into a dreamlike world of towering mushrooms and beautifully deadly nymphs in the Isles of Euphrasia, or dive into the Coves of the Ancients among tooth-finned sharks and shambling kelp monsters. Players can even partake in a mission to rescue royal airships hijacked by the evil Silverwing Clan!

    While old players will no doubt appreciate this early look at all Renaissance has to offer, new players can also take advantage of a rare opportunity to breeze through Flyff with huge experience boosts and level up events that give new items for every level reached. This fast-paced experience lets players explore all past and new challenges, experiment with the best items (including 60 brand new weapons), and master the game side-by-side with dedicated members of the Flyff community.

    The open beta has launched, and the final version Flyff V18: Renaissance will go live at the end of November! Learn more about the expansion or download the exclusive open beta client now from the official Flyff website.

    About Fly for Fun (Flyff)
    Fly for Fun (Flyff), the first free to play MMORPG in the US, is one of the most adored MMOs of our time and has been described by the community as endearing, charming, and undeniably fun. Flyff offers in-depth item customization, engaging combat, seven diverse continents, and over twenty character classes. Flyff’s unique flying system is easy to learn, fun to use, and gives players access to floating islands and other explorable lands only available through flight. Players can take flight on customizable wings, brooms, bikes and many other unique mounts!

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