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    Lee-Long Definitely Change the MMORPG & Conquer Online.

    I've played heaps of MMORPGs, including fantasy games, action games, or other genres, but these MMORPGs seem to fall into a traditional loop of defects, inevitably. You see, MMORPGs are mainly aimed for the hardcore players who spend tons of minutes to achieve goals and build up characters. In traditional MMORPGs, there are typical class races, Mages, Archers, Priests, Warriors, etc. No one ever tries to bring a character as a class race into an MMORPG.

    Stereotypical combination of classes in MMORPGs wouldn't blossom considering the gaming trends are blowing toward mobile games. Now, Conquer Online just does it as they announced the inclusion of Bruce Lee lookalike, Lee-Long. I believe this is going to be the turning point for Conquer Online, even for the entire MMORPG genres.

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