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    [Minecraft 1.2.5] Better Than Wolves Mod v3.59

    Better Than Wolves is organized into distinct “Ages” that represent different stages of Steve’s technological progress. Each Age in turn may be organized into separate Tiers that represent separate tasks that the player must achieve in order to progress to the next.

    Installation Instructions:
    • Make sure minecraft is not running.
    • Install Risugami’s ModLoader
    • Install the client-version of Minecraft Forge
    • Open your minecraft.jar with Winrar or other program
    • Delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar (you should have already done this when you installed ModLoader)
    • Copy all the files and folders in this mod’s MINECRAFT-JAR folder into your minecraft.jar (overwriting any existing files)
    • run setup.reg

    Mod Instructions:

    The following instructions are organized chronologically in terms of what the player must accomplish in order to progress forward in the mod. If you are just starting out with Better Than Wolves, then it is recommend you commence at the top of the instructions and work your way downwards. This mod is rather complex, and it is my hope that organizing these instructions in this fashion will make it all easier to digest for a new player.

    The Age Of Wood

    The Age of Wood is where most of the functionality of Better Than Wolves currently resides. It is separated into several distinct Tiers that represent various stages of development that you will need to achieve to fully progress through the Age.

    Overall, the Age of Wood represents the player’s first attempts to automate various aspect of his existence through the construction of wood-based mechanisms.

    The Age Of Wood Tier 1: Basic Mechanical Power

    Entry Requirements to this Age: Construct a Hand Crank and Mill Stone.

    Primary Goals of This Tier: Collect Hemp Seeds. Plant a Hemp farm. Collect and grind enough Hemp to construct a Wind Mill.

    Secondary Goals of This Tier: Construct a Stewing Pot and heat it with burning netherrack. Improve Hemp production through the use of Light Blocks. Find wolves and begin collecting Dung.

    Requirements to move to the next Tier: Construct a Wind Mill.

    Block And Item Descriptions:

    Gear: The fundamental building block of all mechanical devices, the gear is used in every mechanical recipe in the Age of Wood.

    Author - Sources: FlowerChild

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Better than wolves For Minecraft 1.2.5

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