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    GriefCraft V1.9 with Forcefield+Bypass and Godmode

    GriefCraft V1.9

    Client Download - V1.9

    View the attachment for the download (below this post)

        Mob Aura fixed
        Render Players added (see details)
        Godmode added (semi-glitchy, see details)
        Wallclimb disabled due to it having no use(nocheat)
        Page 3 launched
        Updated to the official MineCraft release [1.0.0]
        Fixed/improved some hacks & bugs
        Removed the non-working/patched hacks
        mxantipvpcheat bypass(for kill aura)
        Aimbot (players only) faces player entities perfectly
        Xray revamped [Thanks to Korlop929]
        Radar GUI (players only so your radar doesn't get spammed with entities, + it's only useful with players anyways + the circle will only show if someone is within 150 blocks away from you)
        Safemode (tired of getting caught? well... if anyone faces you while you have this toggled, all hacks will be untoggled immediately)
        Macros (set your own macros! Instead of taking requests to make them, you can now set them with ".set1=msghere" then you hit numpad 1, it goes up to 9. [Thanks to Bloop for Macros!]
        Speedminer improved
        Aura bugs fixed, along with a few other bugs
        Speedhack added
        Fixed 2 crash bugs
        Revamped the GUI with pages
        Added .up / .down (from Nuked's client)
        Added Anti-Vanish
        Added Forcefield (MOB AND PLAYER!)
        Re-added Reach
        Re-added delete button for Menu
        Fixed FPS / X/Y/Z positioning ( you can now play in full screen without that annoying XYZ in the middle! Sorry it took me so long for this update, I was busy and this was actually kind of hard for me :P
        Nametags now give green names, and largeness has increased by 3x the size, visible through walls now.
        Fixed a crash bug [important]
        Revamped paint GUI
        Feel free to throw me some suggestions :) no absurd ones though, please.
        Added infinite durability exploit (usage: place an item at the top right of your inventory, then type .ci=9 and this command will create a 10th slot on your bar, the item will be invisible but it's still there.
        Readded spam command.
        Added wall climb (useful for nocheat servers to get on top of buildings)
        Added .derp (about 10 requests for this)
        Fixed minor bugs
        Fixed major chat bug (with bed/piston/random dcing)
        Added Radar
        Redone X/Y/Z/FPS
        Added namechanger (see features for more info)
        Fixed speedminer
        Capes (look in features for more info)
        Added Creative Reach
        Added Build Hack
        Added FPS / X,Y,Z coordinates
        Revamped the Paint GUI again (did not like the last one)
        Fixed minor chat bugs
        Added .spam
        Paint GUI is revamped and now super sexy thanks to Truxer.
        Added Nametags.
        Sped up Speedminer.
        Changed TNT text to Grief ingame.

    • Radar - shows you if someone is around you, and if they are it will show you how far they are by using blocks (GUI + text)
    • Capes - i get to decide who shall receive a cape behind their back, it is visible to everyone using the client.
    • Fly - lets you fly anywhere in mid air - faster than normal clients
    • Wall Climb - lets you climb walls [DISABLED]
    • Speedhack - speedhack x2 speed.
    • Godmode - Infinite health, this feature is known to glitch sometimes and ghost yourself + causing yourself to die, sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't
    • Render Players - I like this because it shows what a player is wielding from a far distance, making PvP player choices much easier picture + text
    • Mob Aura - kills all mobs around you up to 8 blocks of distance
    • Kill Aura - kills all players around you up to 8 blocks of distance(mxantipvpcheat bypass added)
    • Sneak - allows you to hide your name making it extremely hard for other players to see your name.
    • Noswing - lets you mine without swinging your hand / pickaxe, whatever it is that you are wielding.
    • Nofall - take no damage when you land on the ground from a high jump or a fly.
    • Aimbot - (players only) faces player entities perfectly
    • Namechanger - lets you change your name in offline/cracked servers only.
    • Fullbright - makes everything bright
    • Xray - lets you see where all the blocks are whilst still seeing the regular blocks (seethrough)
    • Creative Nuker - a nuker like any other, but only works in creative mode
    • Speedminer - mines 3x faster than regular[PERFECT FOR GRIEFING] - Speedy Gonzalez is exactly like Speedminer in this client, but Speedminer is faster than Speedy Gonzalez.
    • Nametags - lets you see a player's names from a far distance, enlarging it as well ; gives a green color to their name now.
    • Build Hack - places 10 blocks stacked on top of each other in 1 second.
    • Coordinates - X, Y, Z - shows you where you are using the X, Y, and Z coordinates.
    • FPS Counter - tells you how high/low your FPS is. (Frames Per Second, the higher the better)
    • .macro1=hi (goes up to 9, anyways.. if you set this to 1, whenever you hit 1 on your numpad, it will repeat whatever is typed in the macro.
    • .spam Command - spams any kind of message you'd like and however many times you'd like to spam the message. Usage: .spam=texthere=amount of messages sent
    • .help - shows all of the commands
    • .up number (teleports you down to whatever number you put
    • .down number (teleports you down to whatever number you put
    • .derp (makes your head spin around / go back and forth really weird, good for trolling)
    • .ci=9 (infinite durability exploit, the item you want to exploit must be on the top left of your inventory!)

    Note: Render players is now in page 3 of the GUI, this screenshot is only a preview.

    How to use this hack client, or any hacked/customized client:

    1. Download the minecraft.jar file provided above.
    2. Go to start > search, then type in %appdata% and hit enter.
    3. Once you're in appdata, look for a .minecraft folder, go to bin > you will see a minecraft.jar, replace the minecraft.jar there with my minecraft.jar and enjoy your hacks

    Credits to iolaka.
    Virustotal result: 0%

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    will you update this to 1.1 ?

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    Smile help

    whats the server ip and i need it to be 1.2.5

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    Cool Minecraft

    Minecraft can be a really cool game, but when u get greifed its not so cool so im going to download some minecraft griefer hacks

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