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    Minecraft client AutoUpdater

    This client will force autoupdate your game client files, giving you the most recent files. All there is here is minecraft.exe, but it's been cracked and remade. It's self explanatory.

    • To use, open up minecraft.exe from any location, and make a name in the appropriate field.
    • Tick "Force Update" and it will update the client if necessary.
    • Then press "Enter Game."

    If you get this error, just disregard it, close it and keep clicking until the launcher opens up.

    Note: Online is fully working
    Note: Will only work on private/non-whitelisted servers.

    Virustotal result: 0%

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    i'm new and just wanted to ask a few things

    so as the title states i'm new to this forum and to be blunt i'm here only for 1 reason and that is because a friend referred me and said i can play minecraft on her private server via downloading the auto-updater. As i do not have 30$ to buy the game i decided to register and give you guys a try.

    so my questions are few and simple and as i don't know my way around here yet perhaps they may have been asked and you can point me in the right way.
    Does this updater require me to already have downloaded a copy of minecraft and if so do you know where i can do that without having to become a premium member and pay 30$

    second do i have to have an understanding of code in order to fully use this program or can an average joe use it without issue, I fall in the middle of those 2 categories but complicated things are beyond me at this time.

    thank you for your time and sorry about the lack of grammar and caps but it's late and i'm in a hurry b4 bed

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