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    Minecraft 1.7.3 Full Portable with Java

    Minecraft Portable is a wrapper application for the Minecraft that essentially makes it store all of Minecraft's data in the same directory as the application (In folder Data), instead of the AppData folder. This is especially helpful for portability, but also if you just want to keep all the Minecraft data in one spot.

    • Keeps all of the Minecraft data in one, easy to manage folder.
    • Full Java integration. You can run this application in any environment without installing Java
    • Easy to use; no complicated DLLs or multiple files. All you need to do is download the archive, extract the executable, and run it.

    1. Download the Minecraft Portable
    2. Once downloaded, open the archive file and extract the executable to any folder you want.
    3. Run the program!

    Note: All application data will be stored in folder "Data"

    Note 2: This is an offline version, will work only in single mode

    Tested on WinXp 32bit

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    I actually need this, hopefully it solves the crashes I'm getting with the current launcher using mods.
    I get a crash with modloader installed and nothing else.

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