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    Post How to fish in Metin 2

    Hey guys of PGC here a simple guide for fishing xD.

    Before need More Suitable Equipment:

    Fishing Rod - Level 30
    Where to find: Fisherman

    Fishing Rod 1 >> Number of Points to 10 Points Improve >>
    Fishing Rod 2 >> Number of Points to 20 Points Improve >>
    Fishing Rod 3 >> Number of Points to 40 Points Improve >>
    Fishing Rod 4 >> Number of Points to 80 Points Improve >>
    Fishing Rod 5 >> Number of Points to Improve 160 Points >>
    Fishing Rod 6 >> Number of Points to 320 Points Improve >>
    Fishing Rod 7 >> Number of Points to 640 Points Improve >>
    Fishing Rod 8 >> Number of Points 1280 Points for Improving >>

    Are needed to get some points for the Fishing Rod to 9. These make up the fish, not one for each bait, but by chance, that you can not even catch anything this time.

    This happens when a message appears in the chat saying:
    Points of Fishing Rod augmented ... / ...

    The Fishing Rod does not alter the probability of leaving you open a fish and oyster, but the ease with which fisheries.

    Marble Fishing
    Where to find - Fisherman

    This Marble informs the chat name Fish.
    This message only appears when the balloon appears over your head.

    Where to find - Fisherman, The Fishing

    There are three types of bait:
    Folder - A bait cheaper [With this bait is difficult to pescares, ie more accurate skill].

    Worm - A bait slightly more expensive [This bait is used by most players since, despite being a little more expensive, offers a good chance of successfully manage to fish.]

    VairĂ£o - The best bait that is known so far. Only the fish is caught.

    These all strongly advise using Worm.

    Simple guide for fishing in metin 2 ^^.

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