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    [Guide] Reset Skills Quest MiniGuide

    Reset Skills Quest MiniGuide

    At level 29 you can get a quest to reset your skills. When you finish it you will obtain Skill Reset Terre which right-clicked would reset your skill points (but not attribute points) to zero. That way you can assign skill points again.
    There might be another quest like this one at some higher level, but for now this is the only one.

    To get it you should travel from Dragonskale to the Lotus Palace in North Mikan. Here are pictures which will help you in your journey. Make sure to have 10.000 gold for the flowers you buy from the florist standing next to the quest giver. And some extra coins for the travel fees. Easiest way to get back to your "home" is to teleport using your "Return" action. Or you can ride back. Do not bind at Lotus Palace yet. EDIT: you can get the quest in other locations too, but seeing big city at this level is still worth it.

    Follow yellow triangle.

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    Re: [Guide] Reset Skills Quest MiniGuide

    спасибо! а то на форуме спрашивали, а что ответить не знал

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