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    How Import PSK-PSA to UnrealED

    Hi there, this is my first share here so well in this guide we will learn how to import files to Unreal PSK-PSA, or before going to clarify a little doubt that maybe interested to know.

    PSK is a file?

    ok this file is that contains the mesh, bone Influence indices and weights' for each vertex, the bone names, hierarchy bone, and skeletal default pose.

    PSA is a file?

    Good files PSA are contain the bone names, one or more sequence names, and 'for each sequence, STI frame number N, and tracks of N rotations and translations for each' N bone.

    How to obtain these files?

    Well here 's a guide made by me on how to obtain these files, this very detailed and I do not get lost.

    PD: ok in this guide I explain how get textures from package UTX, but is very easy just change inside .bat file the extention .UTX to UKX and you get PSK+PSA files.

    [Guide]Unreal Model Viewer (How Get Textures from Package) [UTX,UKX]

    OK now we need UnrealED, can get in web site dstuff here. UnrealED

    Ok let's start

    1º Ok UnrealED open up and headed to the Animations tab you can see from the capture.

    2º Well the following will import the PSK (Skeletal Mesh),pay attention to what retouch in red because when creating our .dat there will be remembered well that we put the package name, following the skeltal mesh, as you can see the name of my parcel is criticalerror.baium_m00, good to import we go to File-Import-Mesh Import and search path where have files.

    3º ok we have our model imported, what is missing now is to import the animation to move but will be so stable and haunt us all.

    4º Ok to import the animation we go to File-Animation Import and remember same like told you before with PSK, when put name remember that because is neccessary for make .dat files, fine search the path where you have files and when have done you get it.

    5º Well UKX file would be as follows.





    PD: ok the soft UnrealED post is not a cracked version, I mean for make it work, you need buy UnrealED from Gildor in UE Viewer | Gildor's Homepage

    Ok thats all, sorry for my english I know suck, but hope understand me.

    All credits by me for the guide and for the tool umodel to Master Gildor


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    There is also a import for max ...

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    Всё верно плагины гилдора )

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