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    Seven Signs Quest (a shortcut between lvl79-81+)

    The XP you get is up to the server's you play rates. These quests are great for low rate or even mid rates because finishing them will get you few levels in just 1-2 maybe 3 hours.

    These are the 79 7s quests, after you finish them you can take the 81 quests.

    I.1.The quest starts at Oren warehouse with Croop. He is worried about his cousin who has not returned with a contract. He says dwarven contractors have been killed lately and he has no idea by whom.

    I.2.You get a cutscene about a dwarf being killed and when you talk to Croop again, he tells you to go talk to guard Hector at the Northern gate.

    I.3.Hector suggests you stay out of trouble but once he hears that you've got a letter from Croop he changes his mind and tells you to go talk to Stan at the Southern gate.

    I.4. Stan tries to evade the talk but eventually tells you that the strange thing happened near Oren castle. The yellow pin on the map can be a bit misleading, you can easily run around the castle to the right spot.

    I.5. You find a corpse that looks rather stinky but you still need to investigate it more closely to find a necklace that seems to be Jacob's. So you take it and return to Croop.

    I.6. Tell Croop that Jacob is dead, he wants proof so give him the necklace. He asks you for one more favour and sends you to talk to high priest Hollint in the Einhasad Temple for a memorial service. He also says you will get your reward there.

    I.7. Hollint has a list of quests, the ones you need are in the bottom (you get the next part from him as well after finishing this one). He promises to arrange the memorial service and gives you the reward set aside by Croop. You get 25 000 000 exp and 2 500 000 SP.

    You can talk to him again to pick up the next part in the sequence - Seven Signs Part 2, Dying Message

    II.1. After finishing Seven Signs Part 1, Series of Doubt you can talk to Hollint again and take this quest. He tells you about the memorial service held by priest Cain outside Oren.

    II.2. Cain asks you for some more details about your involvement and then tells you he needs one more favour before he can perform the ceremony. So he sends you to fetch the Deadman's Herb from Herb Collector Eric in The Enchanted Valley. You should find him right at the port spot to Southern EV.

    II.3. Eric seems to be somewhat short of memory so you have to remind him what you are there for. He gives you the package of herbs and an apology.

    II.4. Back at Cain give him the package and he will start the ceremony. Now you get another cutscene and then when you talk to Cain again, he tells you to watch out as a mob called Shilen's Evil Thoughts pops up. It's not hard to kill even unbuffed.

    II.5. After killing him talk to Cain again. He tells you about dwarven magic and the Seven Signs and thinks he will need to investigate this further. In the meantime you should go talk to Sir Gustav Athebaldt in Oren.

    II.6. Sir Gustav Athebaldt is in front of the warrior guild and he rewards you with 25 000 000 exp, 2 500 000 SP.

    When you talk to him again you can pick up the next part Seven Signs Part 3, Mammon's Contract.

    III.1. After finishing the previous part talk to Sir Gustav again and take the quest. This one is a bit more trouble compared to the ones you have done so far. So try to have a buffer who could give you Berserker Spirit since all normal speed buffs get deleted. The buffer can stay in Aden next to the NPC you get sent from here. So, Sir Gustav tells you a story about the history of Dawn and Dusk opposition and how the fight over the Seven Seals started.Then he sends you to get some training from secret agent Collin. Since Sir Gustav is an old man his instructions are somewhat misleading - he tells you to go to the Southern entrance of Oren but in fact you have to go to Aden (you'll get the correct info by clicking on his instructions in your quest inventory).

    III.2. Agent Collin briefs you about the newest methods of infiltration - not just dressing up but getting transformed is how you'll be disguised. And your first training task is to become a frog. He will transform you to a giant frog and all movement-related buffs get cancelled, except Berserker (that's where the buffer comes in). He also gives you some tips so pay attention - you must not go to water! Not logical for a frog I'd say. But if you get wet your transformation will be cancelled and you have to talk to Collin again to get a new one (I'll add a screenie in the later part as I tried it out during the next task).

    Now the fun about this task is that you have to go pretty far and the frog isn't exactly quick. You have a skill a bit alike Dash that gives you some extra speed but considering the time it takes to cast it and the fact that it only lasts 15 seconds I gave up and just used all the time I had on running. The transform lasts 7 minutes so once you've got it, buff up and run as fast as you can. You can cut some corners along the way, just make sure you don't have to swim.

    III.3. Talk to the frog king and between a lot of ribbiting you have to convince him to give you a blue bead for a frog lady. No worries though there isn't any more jumping to be done and all you have to do is take the bead to Collin as proof of your improving con artist skills. So you can wait for the transform to wear off and SoE back to town.
    Collin is happy with the result and is eager to give you another task.

    III.4. Now you get transformed to a young child, even though the chat says boy it does depend on your character's gender so I became a lovely little girl with a teddybear. This time you have to talk a wandering grandma out of her candy, she is a bit closer than the frog was (you might have noticed her on your way past). All the rest is the same - stay out of water and get the running done in 7 minutes or you lose the transform. You get a self-buff again but like I said it seemed a waste of time so if you have Berserker you should be good to go.
    NOTE: this is what happens if you try to swim, revert the transform and have to talk to Collin again (getting your toes wet does not count, you need to get deeper in water):
    But if everything goes as planned you will meet Grandma Tess and by using your cuteness convince her to give you her candy stash. Once again there's no need to find any other people but go straight back to Collin.
    He is happy with you and asks you to report back when you're ready for last training session

    III.5. Now this one is a bit nasty. You get transformed as before, it's a villager outfit this time. But you only have 3 minutes and even though you have to run less I still didn't make it first try. You need to meet Native Kuta in front of the Coliseum entrance.
    He complains about you being late and not having proper clothes so he will have to give you his old working gloves. As you probably know by now it's just another proof to take back to Collin so no need to go find work.
    NOTE: If you fail on the timer and arrive to Kuta without the transformation he will just ask you about a lad who was supposed to show up for work.
    If for some reason you can't make it in time by running you can have yourself summoned to Kuta's location - I tried it out by having my Warlock in party and running her to the NPC. After being transformed by Collin I used Summon Friend skill and landed nicely in the right spot.

    III.6. Back at Collin he says you have passed the tests and sends you off to speak to lady Claudia in the other side of Aden.

    III.7. Claudia Athebalt is outside town from the Northern gate and you should see her when you run out of the gate and head to right across the lawn. Besides showing off her curves she praises you for completing the training and rewards you with the usual 52 518 015 exp and 5 817 677 SP.

    She asks you to return when you're ready so by talking to her again you can begin the most nerve-breaking part of this quest chain Seven Signs Part 4, Secret Ritual of the Priests.

    IV.1. Take the quest from Claudia Athebalt, she tells you about the Sanctum of Dawn and the task she has for you - to sneak in there and bring the last page of the contract. To get inside you'll need ID card and that you can get from Captain John in Gludio.

    IV.2. John is standing next to the Priest of Dawn and wants to kick your butt for start but when you tell him you were sent by Claudia he calms down and apologizes. He gives you the ID card as promised and sends you to talk to High Priest Raymond in temple for some last minute message from Claudia.

    IV.3. Raymond says he will transform you instead of Collin as he is not available at the moment and he also gives you the password for the storage room. Write the numbers down, you'll need to pick the right option in the end and from my own experience I saw that after hours of doing the quest and only a few minutes left on the timer your brain isn't exactly the quickest. And it would be so bad if you fail in the last part after all that trouble. He also tells you that if you need to lose or redo the transformation he will do it for you (there is no limitation on how many times you can transform).

    NOTE: This is how you look in the transform (female characters) and this is the skill you should use so put it on your hotbar. Once you have transformed all your own skills and inventory gets greyed out so there is no possibility to use any skills or potions. You will lose all movement-related buffs (others stay but you don't really need them), you keep Berserker but it gets deleted once you teleport in the Sanctum. So if you're using a Korean guide be sure to pay attention to this since in Korean servers Berserker stays and they recommend you to use it. So far it seems the only thing that can add a bit more speed is the armor set with +DEX so I used Doom Light. If the armor has + Speed (like Dark Crystal) or if you have dyes for +DEX those do not improve your speed. Only thing that seems to work is armor set with +DEX and since speed is the crucial factor you might consider doing all you can to improve it. The skill lasts 20 seconds and it slows you down, if you need to remove it you can do it same way as you remove buffs (Alt + left click). The transformation does not have a timer, it lasts until you either finish the quest or talk to Raymond to remove it.

    IV.4. You need to use the Light of Dawn Teleporter to move into the Sanctum and this is when the instance timer starts counting. So port in once you are absolutely prepared to start the mission. There's one similar gatekeeper inside as well in case you want to get out.

    IV.5. Here is the entrance, there are few more similar devices below so all you need to do is talk to it and present your fake ID. Be careful as there are guards behind the door so don't go running in before you have determined a safe route. Once more: study the videos.

    NOTE: As the quest says there is a difference between the behaviour of the male and female guards so be very careful especially when going around corners. In a nutshell: male guards can see you with the stealth skill on so don't bother to use it when you're absolutely sure there aren't any female guards around; female ones you can hide from and their aggro range is lot bigger than that of the male guards. The guards can see you even if you are behind them so keep a safe distance (in the videos you can see "safe spots" where you can wait if needed). There are moving guards and stationery ones, both male and female. Keep to walls and have the stealth skill on your hotbar - this is crucial for succeeding the instance as you don't always have time to think and calculate rather than just run. If there are multiple guards walking back and forth and you need to pass them spend some time to estimate their intervals and if it seems impossible to pass them still give it a try - if you aggro only one guard the other(s) keep walking so their sequence shifts a bit and next time it might be easier to get by. There are 2 restarting points so once you have passed the hallways and come to the entrance to a circular-looking room with guards scattered all around you have reached the second restart point; at least you don't have to redo all once you have got this far.

    IV.6. After passing the round room you come to another ID device, just use your fake card and the door opens. You get a cutscene about the priests performing a secret ritual.
    After this you have to pass through this room to reach the password device in the other side and of course you cannot go straight but you have to sneak around the guards. You can take either left or right side, they are basically similar so choose whichever you like. There are male and female guards again so keep the stealth skill up. Again spend some time calculating the best time to start moving, the guards shift their movement slightly so you can wait and see when it's in the way you want. You have to keep running most of the way, there are not many safe spots like in the hallways before. Once you reach the password device, double-check the code (I didn't risk trying what happens if you pick the wrong option) - Open the door and put stealth skill on since there are female guards standing in the library.

    IV.7. Keep to your right and locate second bookshelf. Talk to it and fetch the missing page. When you have it the bookshelf teleports you back outside and you're almost done!

    IV.8. Go talk to Raymond and since he has a little trouble reading the ancient language he sends you to Heine to meet an expert.

    IV.9. You'll find Iason Heine in the warehouse and after getting emotional about having such rare item he rewards you with 10 000 000 exp and 2 500 000 SP (before GoD update it was 52 518 015 exp and 5 817 677 SP) for this part and suggests you go get a drink - it's not such a bad idea

    When you're ready come talk to him again and begin Seven Signs Part 5, Seal of the Emperor

    V.1. Talk to Iason Heine again and he says he has been able to translate some of the contract. He has also found a part of it that sounds like a chant.
    When you ask him if he has tried to recite the words he says he is no fighter so he didn't want to risk it but with you here he might as well try.

    V.2. Merchant of Mammon pops up next to Iason so talk to him. He tells you the story behind the contract and asks you to go help the emperor by using a time-travel device created by the merchants.
    Talk to Iason again and he tells you to go to Disciples Necropolis to find the Promise of Mammon as the device is called.

    V.3. Teleport or run to Disciples and you'll find the teleporting device next to the normal gatekeeper. Talk to it and get teleported to the catacomb 1500 years ago.

    V.4. Inside you see Emperor of Elmoreden Shunaiman, talk to him. He is a bit confused about how you got there but then he asks if you could help him.
    When you agree to help he will give you some items and details about what you need to do. You can only hit mobs with the skill that comes with the sword, with normal hits you don't do any damage. The skill has a small cooldown so be careful. The holy water is for opening the red doors. There are also other doors but the item for those you will receive in a bit.

    Here are the items you have - don't worry about the non-existent attack power of the sword, with the skill you do 10 000 damage per hit. It still takes 4-5 hits to kill each mob (not one-hit like it's said in some guides). Place the Holy Water and the Einhasad's Strike to your hotbar as you will need to use them all the time. The red doors look like the one in the image below.

    V.5. Now a few words about what and how you have to kill. The mobs look like the usual catacomb mobs but they are way more evil. As soon as you open the door they come running so try to move back from the door once it's open so you only aggro some of them. In the first couple of rooms there are 4-5 mobs so it shouldn't be too much trouble to get rid of them but later on it'll be lot more. And if they all jump on you it's no good but seems Hex works as Lure so you can pull them one at a time with it. Bring HP pots and elixirs if you're not a healer class. If you have Bless the Blood skill, use it on yourself as it also helps. On a lvl 79 duelist with IC set and Shield/Magic Barrier buff I died in the last spawn - the skill is too slow so you can't hit them nonstop but they do quite a lot of damage if they come in numbers. You don't lose exp (unless you die in the last room) when you die though and you can port right back in and the rooms you have already cleared stay empty. I tried buffing myself with SE but the buffs got deleted once I ported in. Since there was an event that gave high lvl characters the same NPC buffs as newbie guide I could use those, apparently NPC buffs stay (as in Kamaloka). People have reported that if you use buff scrolls/potions and self-buffs after you port in then those stay. You need to run a few rounds in the catacomb, once you've cleared a room the door opens to the hallway and you can move on to next door (either opens with holy water or the staff). You can't get lost as there is only one way that leads to the door, the other is a dead end. Like I said before, once you open the door be very careful not to get all mobs on you.

    One thing I'm not quite sure about as I noticed it only in the last room and couldn't test out more - there's one mob called Shilen's Evil Thoughts and that one seemed to die on its own when I killed the Lilim mobs. But maybe it was just a glitch. --- Update: It turns out that the two mobs died at once as you can actually do some aoe'ing there. Back yourself into a corner when you have more than one mob on you (but not too many that you can't handle) and they will all feel the hurt.

    V.5. When you have passed few rooms you will come to a dead NPC called Elmore-Aden's Court Magician. Talk to him and he will give you his staff. This you need to use to the other type of doors (not red ones). So drag this to your hotbar as well.

    V.6. Once you have killed all the mobs you come to a small room with Disciple's Gatekeeper. This will teleport you to the final mission.
    When you open the door you'll get another cutscene and Anakim asks for your help as she is running out of strength.

    V.7. Now you need to help her with binding Lilith by activating the four Seal Devices. In the background Anakim and Lilith are fighting and you'll get whispers from Anakim (it got me off guard in the beginning as you don't normally get NPC's to talk you like that).

    To activate the Sealing Devices you just need to hit them with the skill again, they have a HP bar like mobs. Once the device is active you get a Seal of Binding in your quest inventory. For me one of the devices didn't lose all HP but once I got the seal from it there was no need to "kill" it. So you can check to your quest inventory if it seems to take too long to get it done. You need four seals altogether. The devices didn't seem to do any damage on me though in the Korean guide it says they could even kill you. So I'm not sure if it was just luck or my Vampiric Rage buff from the NPC but this part had no risk involved. Just in case be careful though.
    When all devices are active you get another cutscene and get ported back to Shunaiman at the entrance.

    V.8. Talk to Shunaiman, he tells you that he'll have a book made and you will get it using the clues he leaves you.
    Talk to Leon next to him and get teleported back to your time.

    V.9. Go back to Iason Heine, he cannot help you with one of the clues but he knows about the Witness of Dawn so he sends you to Aden to talk to Priest Wood - he is standing inside the Einhasad Temple. The dialogue is a bit bugged but you should be able to click on the link to advance it.

    V.10. Talk to Wood and get your reward of 10 000 000 exp and 2 500 000 SP (old reward was 52 518 015 exp and 5 817 677 SP).

    And if you want to hear about Franz you need to speak to him again and take the next part Seven Signs Part 6, Sacred Book of Seal.

    VI.1. Talk to Priest Wood again (he is the guy who finished the previous part of the sequence), he says Franz is not available and he doesn't know much to help you. So he sends you off to High Priest Orven in the same temple.

    VI.2. Orven tells you that the key you are looking for is not really a key but a prayer and should be connected to the Sacred Book. So he suggests you go see his friend Leopard who is a cryptologist. So take a trip to Goddard to talk to him.

    VI.3. Leopard is standing next to the gatekeeper and hero monument so you should see him when you port to Goddard. But he doesn't seem to be able to help you much so he sends you to talk to his teacher who luckily is taking a walk outside town.

    VI.4. Lawrence is standing outside town near the eastern exit (and not walking around so you don't have to chase him) and he is not too excited about meeting you. Get your weapon ready because when you mention the Book of Seals a quest mob spawns - it's the same one you have met already once before at the ceremony outside Oren. Shouldn't be too hard to kill even without buffs.

    When you have killed the mob talk to Lawrence again. He is a lot less cocky now and wants to have another look at the prayer. He finds the code and since you seem to be slow keeping up he will point you in the right direction - the library in Rune.

    VI.5. Find library director Sofia in the underground mystic guild in Rune. She locates a copy of the original document (since it was lost in the fire) and sends you back to priest Wood.

    VI.6. Wood is "dying of suspense" so you have to give him the objects you have obtained and he asks you to come back later to meet with Franz. He also rewards you with the traditional 10 000 000 exp, 2 500 000 SP (before GoD update the rewards were 52 518 015 exp and 5 817 677 SP).

    When you talk to him again you can start the last part of the chain Seven Signs Part 7, Embryo

    VII.1. Talk to priest Wood again and he tells you that Franz is back and ready to meet you. Now before you have yourself ported to his quarters there's something you need to be prepared for. At some point of the conversation with Franz 3 mobs will spawn - one big and two small Shilen's Evil Thoughts. You only need to kill the big one but the others keep hitting you as well and they do pretty decent damage so if you're a squishier class try to have buff and heal potions ready. I tried to do it with having buffs but everything besides NPC buffs got deleted when I ported in. Probably it works same way as the catacomb part so self-buffs and scrolls/potions can be used after porting in. Since it was some event going on I could get the buffs you normally receive from the Newbie guide (therefore not usable when you're lvl 79) and those stayed. People have said you lose exp when you die at this part.
    Once you're ready to go in tell Franz that you're feeling privileged and he moves you to a clan-hall looking room with the zone title Neutral Waterways.

    VII.2. Talk to Franz and hear some secrets regarding the Seven Seals. Suddenly he tells it's gone cold and that's your cue - when you click "Look around" in the dialogue, the mobs will spawn so be ready.
    When you kill the big mob the other will disappear and you get a little cutscene with yourself standing on the corpse.
    Talk to Franz again and he gives you more creepy stuff. In the end he asks if you would be ready to help them again if needed.
    Talk to the priestess standing next to Franz and get ported back outside.

    VII.3. Back at Wood he asks you to keep the secret well and rewards you with the final 67 500 000 exp, 15 000 000 SP, 1 500 000 Adena (old rewards were 315 108 090 exp, 34 906 059 SP, 1 500 000 Ancient Adena) and Dawn's Bracelet. Even though the current reward seems to be a lot smaller compared to pre-GoD, this last part still gave me 17.5% exp at lvl 79 so I guess it has to do with the decreased amount of overall exp needed per level (the change that has been done in the last couple of updates).

    Once you reach lvl 81 the quest will continue with more adventures in Seven Signs Part 8, Girl of Doubt.

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