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    Angry Jade Dynasty Memory Struct

    This is a little list of some memory structs i've found this weekend ^^
    it could be interesting for bot coders or ppl who are interested in memory of JD ;)

    00B6763C				= BA (Base Address)
    00B6B12C				= GA (Game Address = [BA]+1C)
    [GA]+28				= CS (Char Struct)
    [GA]+28+3C			= X
    [GA]+28+40			= Z
    [GA]+28+44			= Y
    [GA]+28+264			= ID
    [GA]+28+270			= level
    [GA]+28+278			= HP
    [GA]+28+27C			= MP
    [GA]+28+290			= HP Max
    [GA]+28+294			= MP Max
    [GA]+28+330			= Money
    [GA]+28+4A0+0			= name
    [GA]+28+7F4			= Zoom (The real zoom value)
    [GA]+28+7F8			= Zoom2 (game checks this for zoom limit)
    [GA]+8+28				= building struct
    [GA]+8+28+14			= building count
    [GA]+8+28+24			= buiding max count
    [GA]+8+24				= mat struct
    [GA]+8+24+14			= mat count
    [GA]+8+24+24			= mat max count
    [GA]+8+20				= NPC struct
    [GA]+8+20+14			= NPC count
    [GA]+8+20+54			= NPC count2
    [GA]+8+20+24			= NPC max count
    i = 0 to NPC max count
    [GA]+8+20+i*4+4			= NPC info struct -> DWORD
    [GA]+8+20+i*4+4			= NPC type (mob=148,pet=104,npc=???) ->BYTE
    [GA]+8+20+i*4+4+11C		= NPC ID
    [GA]+8+20+i*4+4+254+0	= NPC name (max length = 64) -> WCHAR[64]
    [GA]+8+20+i*4+4+B4		= NPT type2
    [GA]+8+20+i*4+4+3C		= NPC X
    [GA]+8+20+i*4+4+40		= NPC Z
    [GA]+8+20+i*4+4+44		= NPC Y
    [GA]+8+1C				= player struct
    [GA]+8+1C+14			= player count
    [GA]+8+1C+94			= player count2
    [GA]+8+1C+24			= player max count
    i = 0 to player max count
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4		= player info struct
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+4A0+0	= player name
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+270		= player level
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+278		= player hp
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+290		= player max hp
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+27C		= player mp
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+294		= player max mp
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+3C		= player X
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+40		= player Z
    [GA]+8+1C+i*4+4+44		= player Y
    and the attached file is some stuff for injecting packets into the JD process to use some funktions of the game like target a mob or pick up(or drop) items/mats.
    (just some AutoIt scripts sry ^^)

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    im totally a noob in this things can u learn how i find that codes???

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