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    Structure JD element 2.2.8

    Structure JD element 2.2.8.

    // jd 2.2.8
        u32 id;
        wchar_t name[32];
        s32 type;
        s32 num_params;
        s32 param1;
        s32 param2;
        s32 param3;
        u32 id;
        wchar_t name[32];
        u32 id;
        wchar_t name[32];
        u32 id;
        u32 id_major_type;
        u32 id_sub_type;
        wchar_t name[32];
        u32 equip_type;
        u32 equip_mask;
        s32 file_model_male;
        s32 file_model_female;
        s32 file_model_big_male;
        s32 file_model_big_female;
        s32 file_model_small_male;
        s32 file_model_small_female;
        s32 file_matter;
        s32 file_icon;
        u32 equip_location;
        u32 action_type;
        wchar_t show_level[16];
        s32 level;
        u64 character_combo_id;
        u64 char_lev_1;
        u64 char_lev_2;
        u64 char_lev_3;
        u32 require_gender;
        s32 require_level;
        u32 sect_mask;
        u32 sect_mask_1;
        u32 sect_mask_2;
        u32 sect_mask_3;
        s32 require_race;
        s32 require_level2;
        s32 renascence_count;
        u32 god_devil_mask;
        s32 title_require;
        struct {
            s32 index;
            s32 num;
        } require_repu[2];
        s32 require_territory;
        s32 hp;
        s32 mp;
        s32 dp;
        s32 deity_power;
        s32 min_dmg;
        s32 max_dmg;
        s32 defence;
        s32 attack;
        s32 armor;
        f32 attack_range;
        s32 price;
        s32 shop_price;
        s32 id_addon1;
        s32 id_addon2;
        s32 id_addon3;
        s32 id_addon4;
        s32 id_addon5;
        s32 fee_estone;
        s32 fee_install_pstone;
        s32 fee_uninstall_pstone;
        s32 fee_install_sstone;
        s32 fee_uninstall_sstone;
        u32 id_estone;
        s32 ehanced_value[20];
        struct {
            s32 level;
            struct {...} prop[5];
        } hidden_prop[2];
        s32 blood_sacrifice;
        s32 soul_level;
        struct {
            s32 level;
            s32 addon;
        } hidden_addon[3];
        s32 pile_num_max;
        u32 proc_type;

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