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    [Release] Jade Dynasty Special Edition based off of Zhu Xian "As Is"

    [Release] Jade Dynasty Special Edition
    5-Part Video
    Client / Server: Downloads Now Available.

    If this post is unacceptable, by all means remove it for me bud. Hoping this is of benefit to the community in some way.

    If you cannot get this to work... Your not following ALL the directions to the Letter... Read ENTIRE post as well as watch the videos. This was not put together for my pleasure but to assure accuracy and your being able to run the server / clients properly.

    This Release is:
    1. "as is" (no support as it works if you follow the directions)
    2. Not PW Jade Dynasty but in fact Xhu Xian which is basically the same (minus Athan, as everyone knows there is no server with Athan)

    This configuration has made setting up patching far easier on Server Admins which ultimately gives the Players more time to Play.

    I have uploaded a Complete 5 part mini series:
    The 5 videos will walk you through extracting the server, importing the server, starting up Xampp (MySQL, Apache Tomcat, Tomcat services), client configuration / usage (Always use the Verify button), ALL of the features on the pwAdmin web service panel, End-User access to the web page (Registration, Password Changes, Help Desk), Administration (Help Desk Admin, Stop/Start/Backup server, Addons, Server Control, Account maintenance and adding Jadeons), Creating a patch, and some things that I just cannot recall this minute).
    Folks this is the end-all Server setup guide / Release.

    There are 5 YouTube video clips approx 5-10 mins each.
    Watch them because I will Not answer questions found in these videos.

    Video # 1 of 5 for the EmulateS_Server

    Video # 2 of 5 for the EmulateS_Server

    Video # 3 of 5 for the EmulateS_Server

    Video # 4 of 5 for the EmulateS_Server

    Video # 5 of 5 for the EmulateS_Server

    The video shows 6 Server 7-zip files... there are only 3 after moving to new file share location. (ignore that as it is of no consequences)
    Server EmulateS_Server.ova file for usage with Virtual Box.
    Make sure you have enough space for both the uncompressed EmulateS_Server.ova file, as well as, the imported virtual box EmulateS_Server which would now encompass additional space. Once imported you can remove the EmulateS_Server.ova file or leave it on your system for backup purposes... Your choice. Due to fully encrypted & unpacked client on the server as well as data stored off to the "cpw" database, I cannot reduce the size of the server. It does have the capability in place to increase to 30gig if you so desire as well.

    This is a very unique build... You cannot change this setup or you destroy the work put into it. This is not a joke or a boast.
    99uc-20101104-02.rar was utilized for "gamed" and "gamedbd" ONLY. Not to mention that I did Not utilize all of the gamed folder, only the config folder itself, scripts folder and the primary gamed folder contents are my modification with Rain & MCNCC in order to get this to work properly (not that it mattered but scripting was a huge issue and why those few lottery items are not working, they were not with 99uc either). Not only that but they were migrated by hand 1 file at a time from 99uc to the Client which only the listed client (v1.3.6 heavily modified to fit server) will work.

    To fix client revisions, from not showing proper patch revision and to save you from having to continuously tell your players to click "verify" do the following:

    Unpack all ".pck" files in client folder, edit all of the version.sw files inside the ".pck" file folders, then repack the ".pck" files, then upload the version.sw files to the appropriate folder on the server under /opt/cpw/files/new/ directory structure...
    run the CPW patch creation process
    on server at command prompt:
    cd /opt/cpw/
    ./cpw new
    Patch the client (that is it)


    Problems noted in the video series:

    1. There are a couple lottery items that need the Lua scripts rescripted.
    2. The "portal" to Kunlun Wonderland in Sunstream shows instead of a nice glowing portal a "ERR" image.


    1. Attached file to this post "lottery.7z" is filename lottery.lua once extracted. All lottery items will now work. Make sure to place this file in the following 3 folders and the "chmod 777 lottery.lua":
    2. To resolve the "ERR" image in game error... You'll need to edit the filename: "" or "" should be the 3rd tab of 4 tabs. There will be an entry that refers to the image associated with the glowing affect of the Kunlun Wonderland Portal... remove this entry and it removes the "ERR" image in game.

    Server IP address is preset to do not change it. Change your network configuration (IE router IP and local pc) instead. Do not change the hostname from misspelled Perfectworld which I spelled "pefectworld" missing one letter "r", do not ask me what to do if you do not listen.

    All you have to do is open VirtualBox
    Click "File"
    Click "Import"
    Import the EmulateS_Server.ova (virtual host)

    Addendum to what you have to do:
    If you have issues connecting via the network from your PC to the virtual box server open Virtual Box, right click the EmulateS server, select settings, in the new pop-up window select networks, underneath where it says "Bridged" should show your network adapter, below that under "Advanced" make sure "Promiscuous Mode: Allow All" is what shows... if it does not change it to be so. Also Windows 7 Ultimate for sure you must have Windows Firewall running and either be in the Home or the Work networks, Private may not communicate with VBox. You can also convert this to a VMware environment, but I will Not walk you through it.
    Make sure to increase the number of CPUs and Memory (both graphics and RAM) in settings as minimal settings are in place.

    Extract the EmulateS_Client into a folder of your choosing, there are 4 folders that just need a home so you can start the Launcher.exe file.

    Follow the instructions that follow in this post Carefully.

    Do Not Run ---> apt-get updgrade in this VirtualBox server if you do, you disable the entire Xampp distribution (Apache, Tomcat, SSL, MySQL)... You've been warned.

    I apologize... Zhu Xian aka ZX in my post is what you refer to as JD aka Jade Dynasty. This point forward unless otherwise mentioned:
    ZX = Zhu Xian aka JD aka Jade Dynasty
    CPW = Zhu Xian aka JD aka Jade Dynasty Patch Folder

    ZX (aka Jade Dynasty) Server / Client... DO NOT USE your own and with this server and client because it again is set to Only work with this Client / Server configuration. Yes, that means out of the box the client is still seeing mostly Chinese my group is no longer working on translating to English, I'm sure there are members that can help you to do so, if you so desire (Do Not ask me to do this).
    Also, Questions/Quiz data is not translated.

    This has been a rather pain in the rump project.

    ZX main filesystem: "/usr/rain/"

    Do Not forget:
    Start / Stop Xampp distribution (Apache, Tomc6at, SSL, MySQL) Prior to loading up the web page for server control:

    Read the entire post before attempting to use this. It has been written in great detail for a reason. ;-)

    Once the VM server boots you are all set to start the server
    (log in as 'root' passwd 'root')

    BEFORE you give access to your External IP address:
    Make positive you understand Not Allowing ports into your LAN - local area network, especially Do Not Port Forward 8443 and 3306 HUGE BAD HOLE.
    Make sure you know how to port forward ONLY the following ports if, you want the ports OPEN to the WAN (as in want to run your server "publicly"):
    - 29000 (for the game itself)
    - 80 (for the the website)
    - 8080 (for extended website)
    Make ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that you are NOT forwarding the following ports:
    (port - 8443 is used for pwAdmin and you DO NOT want it open to the WAN !)
    (port - 3306 is used for MySQL and you DO NOT want it open to the WAN !)

    Default passwords and where to change them:
    Default passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE:
    MySQL = username:root password:root
    (root has access from localhost ONLY and there is no need to change this. WARNING: If you change root user/password... have fun finding all the locations that have this combo setup... I will Not help you!)
    username:pwAdmin password:emulates
    (access from ANY host)[ie... for BatGM, or Navicat]
    change password:
    /opt/lampp/bin/mysql -u root -p
    SET PASSWORD FOR 'pwAdmin'@'%' = PASSWORD('YourNewPasswordGoesHere');
    (/opt/lampp/security/restricted.users & restricted.groups)
    username:pwAdmin password:emulates
    change password (follow these directions carefully)
    cd /opt/lampp/security
    ./htpasswd -s restricted.users pwAdmin
    you'll be prompted for new password:
    hesk (help desk/ticket system) for Administrator
    Admin login username:Administrator password:emulates
    Login to the admin portal and change the password.
    hesk (help desk/ticket system) for Players
    Your external IP address needs to be port forwarded on port 80 to the internal IP of the Virtual server
    Players can register an account and submit tickets here
    username/password (generated by Player)
    default internal pwAdmin web page login
    the following two locations require the following login:pwAdmin password:emulates
    ZX admin access: (CASE SENSITIVE)
    I did not change the pwAdmin the location from utilizing the folder structure for pwAdmin internally to the server as it is extremely dug into the coding structure and not fair to the pwAdmin team.
    Start up your ZX server from the pwAdmin panel:
    go to the "Server Control" tab
    click "Start" under the server side (left side)
    Stop your ZX server from the pwAdmin panel:
    go to the "Server Control" tab
    click "Stop" under the server side (left side)
    Backup your ZX server /usr/rain folder and MySQL database from the pwAdmin panel:
    go to the "Server Control" tab
    click "Backup" under the server side (left side)
    WAIT UNTIL IT FINISHES!!! There is an underlined URL that says to click "here" to check if it is done... If you do not listen on this step you totally hose the setup if your unlucky.
    /usr/rain 2 files are created:
    These are your backups of the MySQL database and the Entire /usr/rain/* subfolders
    Registration Web Page for ZX
    (Internal and External access instructions)
    ZX registration page and database (currently the database is set to "zx")
    start your web browser on your PC:
    this will redirect you to your registration page internally
    your Players start their web browser on their PC:
    this will redirect your Players to your registration page from externally
    Make sure to change your server IP in the client serverlist.txt file for Players:
    Use internal IP for your LAN
    Use external WAN IP for your players
    Make sure to change the updateserver.txt file to point to the appropriate patch server folder (currently pointing to a dead location)

    ZX Client patcher/server/updateserver.txt changes
    ClientFolder -> patcher/server/updateserver.txt
    Example configuration:
    "Patch" ""

    You are No Longer making .xup files and versions.sw with this setup. CPW is working perfectly.
    There will be a video or an additional addendum added on how to make your patches soon.
    Again Do Not make .xup files this is completely done utilizing CPW ONLY.

    /opt/cpw/files/CPW ***location of patches***
    /opt/cpw/files/CPW is symbolically linked to /opt/lampp/htdocs/patch/cpw
    Make your updateserver.txt file redirects to patch server
    Example updateserver.txt file is higher up in this post.

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    EmulateS ***Zhu Xian aka Jade Dynasty Server***:
    EmulateS ***Zhu Xian aka Jade Dynasty Client***:
    ufw (firewall) is already enabled and preconfigured to block all but:
    Following are set to Allow to/from Anywhere... Make sure as I state in my original post that you do Not port forward to anything but port 80 and 29000 block the rest or do as I do Port forward everything else in this list to a fake IP address on the routers end.

    Addendum in regards to Internal / External pwAdmin web control:

    External Access:
    ***Registration page***
    Account Registration
    Password Changes
    Help Desk Support Ticketing System

    Internal Access:
    ***Help Desk Support Ticketing System Administration***
    ***Accounts Page***
    Account Registration
    GM (Grant/Deny)
    Change Account Password
    Delete Account
    Browse Account
    Jadeon Transfer (Server must be running. 9999 is the max entry not 999900 as it is preset to auto add the "00" we are accustomed to putting in manually)
    I have edited the configuration, you cannot lock the database because you cannot go over 9999 Jadeon, it will not accept a higher value.
    ***Server Configuration***
    The options all work
    (Apologies cutting pasting working titles on Addons page but they will be all caps, just so no one thinks I'm doing it on purpose) Sorry
    GM CONTROL (inside the code is the list of permissions that can be toggled notice there are role id's that go into the 500's not listed here)
    Description cmd ID Allowed
    GM tag - always
    Create object - always
    Switch player's name and ID 0 
    Turn into hidden or invincible status 1 
    Switch online status 2 
    Hide online status in wisper 3 
    Teleport to player 4 
    Teleport player to GM 5 
    Teleport by ctrl+clicking map 6 
    Show online number 11 
    Ban player account/character 100 
    Mute player account/character 101 
    Ban trading for a player 102 
    Ban selling for a player 103 
    GM announcement broadcast 104 
    Restart gameserver 105 
    Create Monster 200 
    Activate Monster Creator 206
    SEND MAIL (send money not Jadeon and can send limited types of items)
    Groom + Bride: + 
    *characters should be logged out

    Reason the ZX client that I currently use is pointing to my website as a default location for such things as Buy Jadeons (ZX) etc... This can be modified in the file "url.ini" found inside "configs.pck" file once unpacked.
    unpack, modify, repack configs.pck (this is not the patch just the fix)
    open a command prompt (not showing you how to do this omg please)
    change directories to your ZX Client "C:\ClientLocation\launcher\tools\" folder and unpack the configs.pck
    1. cd 
    2. cd C:WhereEverYourZXClientIsLocatedlaunchertools
    3. sPCK.exe -x C:WhereEverYourZXClientIsLocatedelementconfigs.pck
    ***this unpacks configs.pck found in your element folder to:
    4. open your wordpad or whatever and edit the following file
    5. change to whatever your server or desire is...
    DO NOT USE MINE as I have it all blocked and its just irritating to have gone through all of this and people not to listen...
    6. repack the file making sure your still in the launchertools folder
    sPCK.exe -c C:WhereEverYourZXClientIsLocatedelementconfigs.pck.files
    This puts your modified configs.pck into your C:WhereEverYourZXClientIsLocatedelement folder all over again
    7. Learn how to create the patches will be explained soon, I promise.

    PS... Please forgive any typos or something that I may have overlooked...

    Network Issue Solution if needed:
    Ubuntu or Virtual Box doesn't detect your Network Card?

    Then pay attention to this solution.

    This may be the issue you run across:
    When im in linux command prompt I type ifconfig manually to bring up the device. Somehow, it doesn't recognize/unknown/not found device eth0-> ifconfig netmask broadcast
    eth0 ERROR: No such device.
    Btw. The VBox list my network device as NVIDIA nforce 10/100 mbps Ethernet under it settings. I have tried all settings in the Advance Option as well.

    This would then be the solution:
    Problem fixed. When imported the image i've changed the re-initial network for the first time. Then I deleted and redo and kept everything as default as it packed. Now the eth0 auto-up when boot and seeing the ipaddr as

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    Thank you very much!

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    Your most welcome. Sorry been so busy I did not get a chance to reply sooner.

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