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    Post Hides a running program - Software

    Hi, Just wanna share this software which hides a program from the taskbar but still runs it. It's either the browser, Players - video or music, games, etc.

    These is very useful from stacked programs on taskbar. It is also always used at hiding your *pom* when someone enters your room.

    WinBoss is a system tray application that hide one or all running programs with one short-key combination. Useful when user needs to hide their activity or to hide less important application from cluttering the desktop. The hidden running application can be restored with one click, either a selected one or all of them from a popup menu. Short-key can be modified to avoid conflict with other software. System tray icon works like Windows Task Mgr.

    • Winboss download
    • Download the file.
    • Simply follow the instructions since it's self-explainable.
    • Enjoy hiding your pom ;P.

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