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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a new guest member and would like to be a part of your community. Well, first I'll have to create a useful thread applying to the rules. And I have no idea what to create. Applying to my knowledge about games maybe Minecraft server guides or something different.

    Anyway, I do have a reasons for being here and It's kinda funny, I'll tell my story. For about 3 years ago Aeria Games shut down a game called Kitsu Saga. Well, I wasn't playing the game so much after Christmas in 2010. But I liked that game the art was perfect and the gameplay was enjoyable. Of course I'm sure that others won't think the same way but even after they shut down the game. I still wanted to try out the game. I though about creating a private server but I don't have such knowledges about programming. Even so I'm sure it would been to much work and waist of time.

    So after searching for private servers. I wanted to look into wikipedia about the game. I didn't find much information on wiki and I was hoping to find out where it was developed. Then after reading some comments from aeria games I found someone talking about "X-Legend". I looked it up on Google and "pop" that was the developer. Of course it was all writen in chinese and that was probley where aeria games publish their future games.

    After registing on X-Legend and downloading the Client 1,3GB with a downloading speed 500 kbps. And updating the game about 1 day waiting time. I could finally try it out agian. I started the game and it opened succesful. But there was just one problem about this client and that's the chinese signs. So then I thought about extracting some text from the Aeria game client to the chinese client. First I tested out coloring some small pichtures ingame and it worked.

    I'm not 100% sure If this is even possible but I want to find out. I keeped looking into the files on the chinese client. And I couldn't find any chinese signs at all. Looked into all folders but nothing. Then I found some .PKG files in the folder that I'm sure about have the chinese signs. But I can't open them. Tried many kinda softwares but all just fail. So after that I found this site with a .PGK unpacker.

    And that's exacely what I'm looking for to try this out. I'm sure I'll have to pay a price to have access.

    Thank you for lisening to my story and explanations and my english is bad, I know.

    By Christian94

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