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    Advanced Moves/Combos

    (Double Flash Step)

    Double Flash step, a common move in more advanced styles of play. It takes good timing and incredible speed to pull off, you might be hitting 5-8 keys a second to pull this off. These are the steps:


    If you can do this move 100% you'll confuse your opponent quite fast, you change directions 3 times if you've done it right, so as you can imagine, you'll be hard to hit. Just don't continuously do it so they can't predict what you're going to do.

    (Triple Butterfly)

    Ahhh yes, the famed TBF. What a wonderful and useful move this is. While being hard to master, it's completely worth it in some situations.

    Option 1:
    Option 2:
    Option 3:
    Ground Slash->Block->Jump->Slash->Block->Slash->Block
    (Known as Fake TBF, if you can do this, it doesn't mean you can tbf)

    This is a great to learn in my opinion. It will take time to get the timing perfect. I just recently have mastered it 100%. It's very powerfull, if your opponent is on the ground this can hit them about 2/3 slashes. And it can kill a turtler if you can angle.
    (Double Half Step)

    In my opinion, this move is completely fake, in order to do one half step, you have to do 2 dashes, so to do 2, it makes sense you should do 4 dashes, this move only requires 3. And most of the time it's before the jump where the first dash takes place. But is slightly harder than FBS, so I don't recommend learning it as it has the same uses/damages. These are the steps:

    Dash->Jump ->Slash->STG->Shoot->TR->STS->Dash-> STG->Dash->Shoot

    Pointless move in my opinion as it's hard to master, only as useful as FBS which is quite easier

    Slightly more powerful than the fbs, this will be sure to kill anyone if all hits are fed into them. These are the steps:

    Jump -> Slash -> STG -> Shoot ->TR -> STS -> Dash -> Slash ->
    STG -> Shoot -> Dash -> TR -> STG -> Shoot

    One of the more advanced moves, and most powerful, it hurts like a mother, and it's easy to pull off if you can HHS and FBS.
    Omfgz a Tiger!
    A move one of my friends made up. And it's quite hard to actually pull off when you need to, but it hurts. Realllyyyy bad. It basically combines Tbf with 3 shots to create a deadly combo.

    Jump->Slash->Block->Slash->Block->Dash->HS (Half Step)->Jump->SS (RS)

    Gooddd move to know 100%. Although it's quite hard to aim at first, you can get over that. It does hurt a lot. And other to the VERY long time to master, it has no cons really.
    RHS Blink

    This move isn't really that great, it just looks cool. A combo I also learned off a friend.

    (Wait till you're at the top of your jump)->Dash->STG->Shoot

    The timing is a little difficult to master, but once you do this is a piece of cake.

    Blink Step

    Now, before I get flamed. I know this is a D-Style move... I also do D-Style, I just use this move combined with my K-Style. It is a great move, if you know how to pull it off and when you can avoid being knocked back as there's no slash involved.

    Jump->(Wait till you're at the top of your jump)Dash->STG->Shoot

    Good move for d-stylers as it doesn't need the slash to cancel anything. Also good for close quarters fighting. If you can do it well. I'd say this is a good move to learn, but not necessary.

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