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    Post [Tutorial] Late Dash

    Hi, this is a good tutorial to learn how the famous Late Dash,
    I think most already know,
    but we have people who do not know so here we go.

    Over the hell is Late Dash?

    Late dash is a skill that combines: Speed ​​and Accuracy is a skill
    widely used in servers Lead, for the movement of the late dash (fast)
    makes enemies make mistakes most of the shots.

    Some people can do with the default configuration, it was not my case, I had to totally change the setting to learn, after that I forgot to quit the old configuration controls and was like, and even inadvertently learned late dash.

    What controls should I use to make Late Dash?

    Well, I advise you to use a modified configuration that I'll post.

    I use:

    Sword: Marble mouse down.
    Weapon 1: 1 and 2
    Arma 2: Q and E
    Reload: Middle, R (R to reload and lead)

    Tip: Before you go around trying to kill god and the world because he learned late dash, learn other skills that you used with the old controls, lead, HR, etc. .. only late dash will not suffice.

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