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    Make a simply trainer with CE

    Things Needed
    • Cheat engine 5.4 or greater
    • Hacks For A Game In Your Table
    • A Brain With Basic Knowledge Of Cheat engine


    Trainer - games software for computer and video games that adds in extra options, usually to make the game easier
    Table - An Area In Cheat engine where cheats/hacks are stored
    Hotkey - A Button That Is Pressed To Trigger An Advantage Normally On A Trainer


    1. Open Up Cheat Engine
    It Will Look Like This (Don’t Mind My Table Its Just That I Got a lot Of Hacks)

    In The Bottom Left Hand Corner Click Advanced Options

    2. On the Pop-Up That Opens Click This Icon

    3. On The Other Pop-Up Maker Sure It Looks Like This And Tick The Setting I Have Checked

    Then Click Ok

    4.Now This Pop-Up Will Look Something Like This And Can Be Quite Intimidating For Beginners

    First Of All Give Your Trainer An Icon Click The Change Icon Button And You Will See A lot Of Files Pick A File That Has A Cool Looking Icon Double Click It And That Will Be Your Trainer Icon (IT WONT BE AN EXACT COPY WHEN YOU MAKE THE TRAINER)
    Then Give Your Trainer A Name e.g. Write The Name Under Title
    Select The Process You Want To Have The Trainer Hack . e.g. What is the Game's .exe name
    like for minesweeper its winmine.exe so its basically what cheat engine attached to find the hacks.
    Now Popup On Key Press Just Means That In Game When You Press The Hotkey Your Trainer Comes Up (has to be open)
    Leave the Interval the Way It Is
    The About Box Is Just a Message That Comes up Once You Click It So writes whatever You Want

    5. Now you’re halfway done with the Trainer
    The Side Bar Should Look Somewhat Like This (This Is what I’ve Done For My Game)

    6. Click the Add Entry Button This Is How You Make The Hacks Work

    Then Click The Add Button And You Will See Something That Looks Like This

    Pick A Hack (By Description) Set The Value And The Preferences For It Like So

    And Hit Add. Now Name It And Give It A Hot Key Like In This Picture

    Now You Have a Hack

    7. Making The Trainer
    Hit Prevent Reopening So No One Can Open Your Trainer And Change Stuff To Call It Their Own
    And Hit Generate Trainer Like In This Picture?

    Now Save It Somewhere Preferably To Your Desktop
    And Name It but don’t write like <NAME>.<SOMETHING> or it WONT Work
    Like This

    Now Go Ahead And Look At It

    Credits for killer1478
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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