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    [Tutorial] Warhammer Pointer and Offset

    1. Open your game and log in. Open CE and attach to the game process (WAR.exe)

    2. Get the value of your HP. (650)
    3. Enter the value of your HP into the Value field and click "First Scan".

    4. Now in the game, remove an item that gives you HP. (removed mace with +3 wounds)

    5. Get the new value of your HP. (620)
    6. Enter the value of your HP into the Value field and click "Next Scan".

    7. The list on the left should have 2 values in it. (620, and 620)
    8. Double-Click both of these to add them to the table at the bottom for later use.

    9. Now in the game, put your mace back on. Quickly switch back to CE.
    10. Find current HP. Your max HP will have changed immediatly where your current HP takes a second to regenerate.
    11. Label your current and max hp by double-clicking their respective "description" columns.

    Note: Moving on we will only be using current hp.
    12. Right-click on the Address and click, "Find out what accesses this address".
    13. When it asks, allow it to attach the debugger.

    14. Switch back to your game and remove the item you removed before and then put it back on(like my mace)

    15. Now switch back to CE and you should have atleast one item in the list. Double click it.

    16. A new window opens showing you some more detailed info about the find. (>>004FD321 - fild dword ptr [eax+00000184])
    17. Write down your offset. (the 184)

    18. Find the value of your pointer(mine is EAX, the chart below shows us EAX=557EA424).
    19. Click, "New Scan", Check "Hex" and search for your pointer value (557EA424).
    20. The address on the top of the list on the left should be green. Click "add address manually", check "pointer", enter the address you just found searching for the EAX number. For the offset, enter 184(you found this earlier).

    Now you have the player structure pointer (00D3D4DC) and an offset(184). With the pointer you can explore other parts of it by adding or subtracting the offset to get different values. (ie. 188 is max hp)

    By PharmerPhale
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    good tut admin

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