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    How to get structures for .data files (Angelica based games)

    First of all you need and gs files (can be found in server package). Also you will need "gdb" for windows (or linux if you want work under linux).
    gdb have two usefull functions for that task - "ptype" and "info types".
    "info type" function is a search function. For example "info types GSHOP" result shows classes which contains "GSHOP" in name.
    "ptype" function shows full class information (from DWARF info of ELF file). For example "ptype _GSHOP_ITEM" shows full class
    (gdb) ptype _GSHOP_ITEM
    type = struct _GSHOP_ITEM{
    unsigned int id;
    unsigned int num;
    char icon[128];
    unsigned int price;
    unsigned int time;
    unsigned int props;
    int main_type;
    int sub_type;
    int local_id;
    int reputation_type;
    int reputation;
    unsigned short desc[512];
    unsigned short szName[32];
    A small list of files struct names:
    • ATaskTempl - dynamic data (
    • ATaskTemplFixedData - fixed data (
    • elementdataman - (gs)
    • _GSHOP_ITEM - (server side only) (gs)

    Try to find another structs for another files. Good luck.

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