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    Speedhack in c++

    Hi there,
    im also looking for a c++ speedhack tutorial.
    Atm. i know how to find the adress with cheat engine but i have no idea how can i write this in c++.
    Im a beginner in c++ and i only know the basics yet.

    This is what i have:
    Base Adress	Offset 0	Offset 1	offset 2	offset 3	offset 4	Points to: 
    "Gw2.exe"+011E5690    44	      1c	      5c	       0	      114	05FE7530
    The normal speed is 11.484375 so maybe speed on will be 14.484375 or 16.484375
    So i need to know how to bind the speed to SHIFT or any other keybind. If i press and hold the key speed xy is on if not its off. Sound simple but not for a beginner

    I hope anyone can help me.

    thank you

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