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Thread: Raiderz unpack

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    Raiderz unpack

    Hi guys.

    I tried to unpack lates raiderz.exe(from pwe stress test)
    Here exe and dll RaiderZ.rar

    It's successfull unpacked with stripper 2.07ht.
    Game launch, i see login screen and it off.

    I research problem: gameguard and gamemon are crashed after launch, that's client crashed too.

    I need only unpack exe, gg must work too.

    Can someone explain what's nuance in unpack asprotect 1.23rc4 with nprotect?

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    Can't answer the particular problem but why try run the client unpacked?

    You can inject/load a DLL into it. Just add a version resource and put "Microsoft" in the "CompanyName" field then GG will not try to force unload it. Your DLL will be loaded and stay in memory. This way you don't have to try to unpack the client each time, etc.

    And if you are trying to run a debugger with GG it won't be easy to do the R0 driver and what not, AFAIK you'ed have to catch GameMon.des when it loads and unpacks, then do various patches to it to stop the driver from loading and bypass it's internal anti-debugger detections.
    It's been a long time since I tried any of these things but unfortunately I have to my self since GameMon.des has been hardened
    a bit.

    The .des files are packed with Themida FYI if you didn't know.

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