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    .TWS Extract Help

    Hello I would like to ask a little help on a script, called an extension. Tws, when I use the same, came with several ISERROR in functions, 123123asdfas, things of the genus <<

    The Script, I asked Luigi to do, but could not contact him to see the problem in the function. If you guys can help me identify the error, the game and this

    Novidades - Shadow War - Way Games

    thank you

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    IDK but for me all TWS work fine. Here example

    - select the BMS script or plugin to use
    - select the input archives/files to extract, type "" for whole folder and subfo
    - select the output folder where extracting the files
    - open input file D:\ShadowWar\data10.tws
    - open script D:\Shadow
    - set output folder D:\Extracted
      offset   filesize   filename
      00000354 124        DLG_InNPC_Cursor.tet
      0000039f 3281       DLG_InNPC_Cursor.tga
      00000be3 127        DLG_InNPC_Cursor02.tet
      00000c31 3205       DLG_InNPC_Cursor02.tga
      0000129d 681356     NPC_XIAOAI_CESHI_1.tga
      000298a8 528
      00029a07 1520
      00029c60 1520
      00029e47 1520
      0002a117 12926      face_0.tet
      0002a6a5 1048620    face_0.tga
    - 11 files found in 0 seconds
    PS: EFPatcher.tws it's executable. Just changed extension *.EXE to *.TWS
    PS2: Update QuickBMS to latest version.

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