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    Sword 2(Gamersfirst) Xtrap bypass Emulator

    Hi Forum,

    How's it going? I posted a thread on the other thread and basically not much response but that's not the point.
    The point I am trying to make is that, is there anyone who will be kind enough to make a xtrap bypass for this game cause what I simply want to do is make items go up to 9999 (Simple huh?) here's the link Sword 2 Free to Play Online MMORPG Fantasy Games GamersFirst

    As I have been reading around the thread and I understand that there is no public bypass available for future because there are snitches or "snithes" that pass it down to the head of what ever. Where they will make a better one and make it more harder which I understand. And curse the snitches!!!

    I am simply asking for a request or if someone is really kind enough that can guide me to a tutorial that doesn't have to be shown here but private message to me and hopefully I will do it myself. I will even pay £5 for it.

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