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    Protoshop: how to make a dotted line

    How to make a dotted line in Photoshop.

    Time to time we need a stitch line for decorate seams or just a dotted line in our pictures. It is a bad idea to make it by hands, so let's use brush settings!
    First, press the icon with 3 brushes or just press F5. It will open the brush window:

    Now click on the 'Brush tip shape' line and choose the standard brush, this one:

    As you see, we have a round brush with dry edges and pressure dynamics. Now we have to customize brush. Play a little with roundness and spacing.


    You see, now we have a dotted line, but there are some bugs: there are the pointed ends of line because the pressure dynamics and the stitches aren't following the general line. So, click on the shape dynamics. Put the 'Minimum diameter' on the 100%. Change the 'Angle jitter' controls to the 'Direction'. It will help to kill bugs.


    Now we have a dotted line which is following the general direction. But it looks very, errmmm, boring and poor. Yes, we can lock the transparency and colour every stitch by hand, to add layer masks etc etc etc, but what to do if we haven't much time? Yes, we have to play more with the brush settings.
    Use transfer to add opacity and flow:

    Don't forget to change 'offs' to your drawing tool: pen pressure for digitizer and wheel for mouse.

    Add a texture on your seam using this window:

    You can play with colour in the Colour dynamics:

    To remind you about our beginning. Before and after:

    Also you can use Dual Brush to change the edges of your seam, to add some effects like Wet Edge etc.
    And when your brush is ready, just save it clicking on the special icon (I marked it by red).

    Now you can use it any time you want and you'll make seams fast! If you need a strict drawing line, use or make a square brush, then play with its settings. To make a straight line, draw with pressing Shift.
    It's all, guys! Thanks to reading it!

    P.S. 10-minutes texture sketch using a new brush, just for fun:


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