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    Freeball's Guide to Brainstorming

    So you're working on a photoshop project and you get stumped, your brain is fried and you just don't know what to do to make some progress. Well here's a few tips to help you get out of your funk and get those creative juices flowing again:

    1) Try not to think too much when you need an idea. Try to be playful when coming up with a solution to a draft. Save the thinking for perfecting the concept.

    2) Step away from your PC for a while. Take regular breaks, especially if the idea doesn't seem to be coming together. You'll often find that when you come back to it fresh, you can see the problem in a whole new light.

    3) Sometimes you might find one 'perfect idea', but at other times you'll have several. Make sure you choose the idea that has the most potential, even if it's not going to be the easiest one to implement.

    4) Some ideas will suit your style more than others. Instead of choosing the idea that you can see the most clearly, try one of the others. It's a good way to expand your skills, and give you confidence.

    5) There is no perfect solution. One of the great things about illustration is that you can take it where you like. Sometimes, instead of waiting for the 'dream idea' to hit you, you're better off getting 'stuck in'. What may seem like less interesting concepts can still develop if you stay open-minded.

    6) Show your work to other people. When you've got your nose to the monitor, and are on a tight deadline, it can be easy to get trapped in your own head. Talking about your idea with people and listening to constructive criticism can free you up.

    credits to Freeball from ZMU

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