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    Lightbulb Twins Photo People Making with Photoshop

    Lets get started.

    Photoshop Tutorial - This post will discuss how to make twin photo . But this twin photo effect is relatively easy because it only uses one photo ( not merging photos ) and utilize the tools that have been provided .

    Press CTRL + O to open the image to be created twins , try the texture around the photo is not too complicated so that cloning process goes well . In practice you will understand why the environment should choose a photo with a texture that is not too complicated .

    Select the Clone Stamp Tool in the toolbox , this tool is used to duplicate the object to be in the photo , the ninja movies are usually referred to as cloning so it looks twins .

    Press and HOLD the ALT key on the keyboard and then click one time on her toes , ALT is used to take the initial sample that is to be cloned . After the sample is taken further down the ALT key OFF detained earlier . ( when the ALT key on hold , the clone stamp tool icon will change to a target icon ) .

    Bring the mouse pointer to an empty area of ​​the image , starting from the bottom and click the left- RESISTANT + clone stamp tool brush slowly from the bottom up .

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