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    PGK Editor

    Hi everyone !

    During my spare time I fiddle with GrandFantasia with to goal to find interesting things.
    For the fun I developed a little tool wich enable users to modify easily GF's files.

    You have just to click on "Lister les fichiers" (Yes I'm French ) and put the GF's installation folder.

    Now, you can easily export and replace files of the game. A simple right click on a file in the Tree List to edit a picture, 3d model, texture...etc

    (For the "Action sur plusieurs fichiers", the two list of files have to be in the same order for a replacement.)

    Currently the soft is just un v.0.1 beta.

    Maybe it can work on other AeriaGame's games wich use the pkg.idx.

    Thank to Dwar and Genz for their information about idx and pkg structure

    Virus scan : (I would like to post the virus scan links but I cant. Restriction by the forum.)

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    I met some problem :
    Object reference is not set as the execution entity of the object
    How can I solve it?

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