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    Kinda New..

    Well i'm a hopeful (or atleast id like to think so) New programmer (in progress) i have no previous experience in the field but i'm quite the quick study when it comes to learning hands on and seeing how things work, iv read up on the programming languages and have sort of a basic understanding of how things work, iv got good ideas on what might be good or methods of doing stuff.. just wouldn't know how to code it exactly xD but it seems (atleast from what iv seen) that this 'semi-private' little community has some people that know what they are doing and hopefully i can be inducted, per say into this community and welcomed and hopefully helped to progress my knowledge and understanding further to hack and program games whether it be for fun or.. for fun xD Also curious if there is some sort of payment that you can do to get V.I.P? otherwise i would guess it's really just for people that contribute to the community and then submit some sort of request form to get V.I.P access.. if that is so then guess ill have to be patient :P Either way just here to say HI! -waves spastically- and hopefully i can end up helping this community to better itself somewhere down the line


    P.S haha whoops, noticed it would have been better in the introduce yourself area... i had noticed a bit too late.. hopefully get it moved? if its not ok with it being where it is that is
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