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    As you know, our Mod leeonardo is a few days away, and he's not able to post here for a while. So he sent this message to me by email. His words:

    "Well, I have received some complaints, but the main thing is comments in old threads.
    Let me make one thing clear, yes, comment on old threads is not certain, however, whether the topic is old, since the existing content it is still functional, there is no problem, but otherwise, it's something that does not work, can say that it is against the rules.
    Another thing, I ask you to maintain "order" in the forum, as I will be out for a long time, I can not do anything.
    And with the information I received, because being outside, I have to be updated, I will have a lot of work when I return, because some members of "offenders".
    And send any questions to my email, not by PM here on PGC, as the PM's received I can only respond when I return, because they are many.

    And probably this message arrived by another member, because I do not have time to post."

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