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    Doubts starter

    I'm new in the programming world, so I come here to ask
    that someone who has great knowledge in the area that would indicate a direction for growth
    as a programmer, what to study, how to start, because I am here today in search of knowledge ... For one day I can also
    be sharing what I learned ...

    Would be interesting to know with a post the sitemap .. type no novice to get lost in it hehe
    As another post to download the anonymos
    how to put the computer image in post without having to put in the url ...
    We apologize if encomodo someone with this post, but I am new here would like to know ..
    If someone could guide me I will be happy ....
    add friend .. send message ... asks for email contact ...

    google translator

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    Hi i'm new here too, so i have the same question u have

    I'm have some questios about what to post nd what i can make to help the forum growth, so i'm planning to make a tutorial of PW Nitro, how get gold, nd others things '-'

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