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    [Info] Account not confirmed.

    Well, I always see every day are members with the same doubts, so I decided to create this topic to avoid getting multiple responding every day, and the question is always the same:
    "When I try to post / download something, says he does not have privileges. Why is that?"

    Remember that when you make your account, use email instead Why is that? Email are prohibited to be used when registering, so the need This is to prevent the famous members "register to download. "

    For your account to be activated, not enough to just go in and activate your email, because after that, you're just entering the, then further if the moderator is required to confirm your account.

    As it is said, "We have activated 3 accounts per day," as several people register every day, you will need a little luck.

    To not depend on luck, you just post something useful, your account will likely a high chance of being confirmed.

    You will notice that after postr, your topic will not appear because it is under "evaluation", which is also necessary to confirm the moderator.

    If it's good, he will approve your topic, and thus your account.

    After confirming the moderator, you can think "What now?". Now look at this New on PGC? Some tips to get you started well. will help in your journey in the PGC.

    I hope you understand how the 'New Registration System ", and stop adding me to stay on msn and asking me to contact Grooguz for active their accounts.

    Do you (who are asking) are no better than anyone confirmed to have your account just because they want to.

    Any questions related to this topic, post that I may be responding.

    É pra ficar com medo?

    Apenas observo...

    Não faço nenhum tipo de venda de hack no jogo, então se in game ver algum "Leonardo PGC" não acredite, pois será alguém tentando te roubar.

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    good post Leo...this will avoid repeat post, that was already common, all days had posts asking information about it...

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    I'm new to the community, and found this post very helpful. Thanks

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    Post para muitos com duvidas com ativaçao de conta

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