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    a powerful blast Bay to four weeks to diffuse

    "The Enji ..." Suddenly a softly broke the her contemplation, not help a red cheek sweetly replied: "Mother"

    Heard this, middle-aged woman faint smile pity at arms girl softly: "how a person sitting there, thinking what?"

    The Enji mouth smile Gang Yu to open his mouth, suddenly a sneer came: "Look at her kind, will be actually that tall teenager in Sichun heard this looked.

    Boy, smiling, then suddenly a Li He came: "days children are not allowed nonsense" and saw that the old man blink of an eye in juvenile behind, seeing this, a proud girl smiles: "Better than some fool only dare to think about do not look at their own appearance worthy of the people do not "

    The ... you young little face up red, it is clear that the mind and shoved it toward the girl sprang, the two chasing up. Looking at the slapstick of two people, the old man just helpless smile, put lightly turned to middle-aged woman: "two hour a worse, you say they will come?"

    In the old man, middle-aged woman like a 18-year-old girl, naughty smiles: "I believe that will be heard this old man just a touch of a chuckle:" are so big, like a child! Linger The five family thing, you alone two of them can be solved? "

    Middle-aged woman faint smiles: "We are family with outside closed so many years, and night by me your days children three hands can not actually wins her nothing, if a large faction of the Central Plains comprehension is such a master, we do not unite to escape I'm afraid the fate that can not be genocide! "

    "Hey" old man sigh and said: "really regrettable that my old bones with a doll to play, however, is really disgrace to my old head slightly," then drop the middle-aged woman he cracked a smiled and said: "Master to see this old bones to want to die, but this time I am worried ... "woman Enji eyes look far away from frivolity of his eyes, revealing a little worried.

    "After so many years, do you think of things in the past, do not you forget him bring you harm it? When you disregard the teachings of all the abandoned family, in return for what? Linger too stupid, you deserve a man? worth? "the old man every word deeply engraved into her heart.

    A faint smile, middle-aged woman his eyes seem to flash from the trace of tears, smiles sweetly: "enough, even though he does not love me enough, after all I have to pay for his pay," read the Tao Finally, you can still listen to a woman, then there is no trace of regret.

    "Hey, Linger you is why? Was originally a saint in the family, and thousands on top of you, hey ..." the old man looked at the falling sunset sigh.

    Middle-aged woman still with a smile on his face, lightly: "Everything is all feeling, and asked who fled over it? I just hope Enji she can ..."

    "Hey" the old man is a sigh and said: "Joan of election in the family, Enji phase emerge congregation, I'm afraid it is the best choice, of the Victoria one way!"

    Heard this, slightly shocked middle-aged woman stature, it seems that these words evoke her most profound memories, lightly: "Do not have to Enji step my footsteps you?"

    The old man did not speak, just quietly stand aside, just listen to the beasts roar suddenly chaos birds take off, the depths of the forest actually heard the roar of the monster, like Kazuma Mercedes-Benz general wave surging waves along the woods, long-range strike from.

    Old and middle-aged woman with each other a look, speak, this blast is quite chill, but exceedingly familiar, suddenly two men while looking for a change, in unison: "Yes she was ..." Carter, just listen to "Boom "muffled bang, the depths of the mountains came a sound of explosions.

    When the original fly in the frivolity of Enji and juvenile two looking uniform is also a change, and went straight Meng came to the explosion direction.

    Middle-aged woman looking for a change: the Enji "voice faded, and the two already disappeared in the sight of them, suddenly and the old man look a hip into the sky immediately turned into two light direction to catch up towards the disappearance of girls and young away.

    Encouraged by the wind, ashes flying, a powerful blast Bay to four weeks to diffuse the stench in the air a long time can not be dispersed.

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