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    Basic care when downloading files


    I see many people confused and not know if the file you download contains virus (some even say "how low the scan?" '-') Then acts to reduce these fools I'm doing essePost to alert you about every type of virus can is existing on your computer.

    What should I do before anything else?

    Before downloading any type of thing, check the first scan of the topic.
    - If the scanner is clean and still feel confident if not, download and make your own scanner if there is more than 30% of the file virus report him for "Posting of virus."

    - No topic was not present in the scanner to download report the offender for "Download without Scan".

    Learning more about the virus.

    Know first what is a virus:
    - A computer virus is a malicious program developed by programmers who, like a biological virus infects the system, makes copies of itself and tries to spread itself to other computers, using different means.

    Type of computer viruses:

    • Type.
    • Feature.
    • Chance to restore your computer if
    • Protection

    - Virus that attaches or associates your code to a file. Generally, this type of pest add code to a normal program file or overwrites the file. It usually infects Windows executable files, and Exe, and does not act directly on the data files. For their destructive power to take effect, it is necessary that the infected files are executed.
    - 55%
    - Use anti-virus.

    - As its name implies, is a virus that allow hackers to control the infected computer by the "back door". Typically, backdoors are embedded in files received via email or downloaded from the net. When you run the file, the user releases the virus, which opens a door to the machine so that the author of the program is given control over the machine so full or restricted.
    - 0%, ie, if you do not format your computer as soon as possible the cracker (launcher) will steal important files such as Bank.
    - The most common protection against backdoors on PCs is the use of firewall and IDS. In general, Backdoors working over the internet can be easily detected by the IDS system or prevented from acting by the firewall.

    - Virus that infects the boot area of ​​floppy disks and hard disks. This area is where essential files to the system. The boot sector viruses usually have a high destructive power, preventing even the user enters the system.
    - 30%
    - Use a password.

    Trojan Horse
    - The Trojan is a program that has a virus package that is commonly used to destroy a computer. Trojans allowed the infected computer could receive external commands without the user's knowledge. Thus the attacker could read, copy, delete and change data in the system. Now the Trojans are now seeking to steal sensitive user data such as banking passwords.
    - Present time and will depend on existing strength in it.
    - First of all, to prevent the machine to be the victim of a Trojan horse attack, avoid run any executable file found on the network or received by email. Even if you receive an executable from an acquaintance or friend, find out before the origin of it.
    • The control must begin with the user's digital identity. Login IDs and password are individuals who deserve the utmost care and confidentiality. The periodic change of password is a good start for those who do not want to give chance to chance.
    • Most anti-virus programs deal with some of the common Trojans with varying degrees of success.
    • There are also specific "anti-Trojan" - very specific software - available.
    • But still your best weapon is common sense and "knowledge."

    - Viruses programmed to execute commands without user interaction. There are two types of script viruses: the VB-based programming language, and JS, based on JavaScript. The virus may come script embedded in images and files with weird extensions like. Vbs.doc, or vbs.xls js.jpg
    - 75%
    - Use anti-virus.

    Latest comments

    - Collaboration is essential to you, for your accounts is at risk, moderators can not have a high control of everything, and with the help everything is easier.
    Thank you for understanding.

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    I run my stuff in sandboxie. Is that good enough?

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