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    Java Application Analysis and Reverse Engineering

    Welcome to my mega thread. I will update this as I go along, hopefully adding one or two guides with pictures per day.

    Tools you will need for almost all of this. All of this software is free and can be used on any major operating system (Linux, Mac, Windows) fairly easily with Google. FernFlower may be harder to find but it is possible because the project has been discontinued and the website shutdown.
    • JBE - Java Bytecode Editor
    • Any Java IDE - I prefer IntelliJ
    • JD-GUI - Java Decompiler GUI
    • FernFlower - A very powerful Java decompiler
    • WinRAR - A .jar is the exact same format as a .zip
    • ASM - A powerful Java bytecode manipulation library written in Java by Objectweb
    • JavaSnoop - Optional but helpful

    Hacking rt.jar - Editing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) behavior.


    Check back tomorrow for another tutorial.

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