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    Creating and modifying models in WoW / Starcraft 2 / Warcraft 3

    3 games are made by one company, modding becomes easier. Bilizzard provides us tools to make our own models(more tools are needed to complete our work) and powerful war3 world editor & SC2 world editor to create all maps and stories we can imagine(also put our models in them).


    Models in the 3ds max can be export to other games as well, if you get proper tools for 3ds max.
    WoW and SC2 have various kinds of creatures, export a crystal dragon into another game seems cool(donno if there are any copyright problems with that, so just test it for private use).


    model format in use

    Warcraft 3
    model : .mdx / .mdl file
    texture : .blp (also called blp1 format)


    World of warcraft
    model : .m2 file
    texture : .blp (actually it's blp2 format with the same file extension)
    .skin files and .anim files are also used in WoW

    Starcraft 2
    model : .m3
    texture : .dds file, diffuse map along with normal map + specular map+ emmisive map


    an MPQ unpacker : to extract model files. New versions can be found in this forum. search it

    WoW model viewer : to view models and extract models and textures. Remember to click [export textures] - [export all to TGA] and [export all] and you get all materials(TGA is better supported than blp). Can be downloaded from here : (google "wowmodelviewer")

    m2 importer : to import WoW models into 3ds max. (3ds max plugin)
    m3 importer : to import Starcraft2 models into 3ds max. (3ds max plugin)
    mdx importer/exporter : to import Warcraft 3 models into 3ds max. (3ds max plugin,export function doesn't seem to work)

    3 tools can be downloaded at SC2MAPSTER , please google "M3 Plugins for 3ds Max" and look for the Files page in their site.


    3ds max 2011 32-bit (tested, works well)
    3ds max 2013 64-bit (tested in trial version, work perfectly with NeoDex plugin but m2 importer doesn't work at all)
    3ds max 2010(and some earlier versions, said to work well)

    3ds max plugins

    War3 Art Tools (optional): to edit and export models for Warcraft3. only works in 3ds max 5
    SC2 Art Tools : to edit and export models in m3 format. only works with 3ds max 2011

    ** Art Tools can be downloaded in Bilizzard official site. If anyone can't find SC2 art tool, I can upload it(the file is big)

    NeoDex plugin : edit and export models for Warcraft3. Can be downloaded in the maker's forum thread, please google "NeoDex 2.5 Wc3 Modeling Kit for 3dsmax & GMAX"

    Warcraft model editor : view and edit Warcraft3 models. put into Warcraft3 directory.(for download see bottom)

    Mdlvis : view and edit warcraft3 models with animations. can edit early version of WoW models as well.(for download see bottom,English version)

    Textures Editing

    Photoshop : mainly used for editing .dds file , needed for modding for SC2 and other new 3D games.

    blplab : convert textures in blp1/blp2/TGA/dds Powerful tool, includes batch converting as well.(for download see bottom)

    CrazyBump : to create normal maps. Especially for SC2 modders. please google "crazybump" for trial version.


    MPQ packer : repack MPQ with you new model (not tested or tried, but should work)

    m2 exporter : to export 3ds max models into .m2 files (m3 plugin, mentioned)
    m3 exporter / SC2 Art Tools : to export models in m3 format (It is said the you can only have one of them in your 3ds max)

    NeoDex plugin : to export models to .mdx file, for war3 modders.
    Warning : You need to test many versions to get a working one for your 3ds max. Annoying really, for me I chose 3ds max 2013 64-bit and latest / earliest version 0.78b of NeoDex for mdx exporting.

    Rumour has it that Bilizzard is not happy with putting WoW models into Warcraft3. donno why.

    Warcraft model editor and Mdlvis can also be used to fix texture/animation problems for nearly complete war3 models.

    Note : texture difference

    Warcraft 3 textures use Alpha channels to show transparency
    Usable model set example:

    change a unit's" art - model "option in Warcraft 3 world editor to see results

    World of Warcraft textures use Alpha channels to show glowing and transparent effects
    usable model set example :

    Starcraft 2 textures are more completed
    usable model set example :
    marine.m3 diffuse map for original colors specular map for reflection emmisive map for glowing effect normal map for material details

    it is said Alpha channel is used for player colors in SC2.

    Result shown in SC2 world editor (model made by another modder)

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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