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    Q|A: "Specific Model Looking For" requests

    This forum seems to be the best place for making this topic, sorry if it's the wrong place!

    Ive always been dreaming about a topic like this, and since this site seems to be rather active community full of game rippers, why not as well try it out!

    Ever felt like the exact model you need just cant be found anywhere? Had to dig through a ton of games to get that fitting BG prop for posing program or a perfect model for a game mod? I sure did.
    Its rather hard to find a specific 3D model when you dont know exactly X or Y game has it. Only a few bigger games have big, full wikis with clear info on game's content, and sometimes finding a certain model is a huge pain and a tremendous amount of work - which might not even bring any results.

    Well, here's this topic's purpose.
    Post your non-game specific requests of models you need here! Feel free to ask and of course feel free to give advice if you happen to find a model someone needs during your game ripping journey.

    1) This is not a model download request topic!! You can only ask for an info where to find a certain model, aka "you can find this mode in This and This game", you have to aquire it (purchase\download the game, rip it, etc) yourself!
    2) No fighting if someone gets answers and you dont. This just means no one has found any models exactly like what you need!
    3) Dont ask for same thing too often. No more same content posts than 1 per page!

    Ill start:
    For years Ive been looking for a realistic ferret model. Or stoat, weasel, etc... I keep reading "popular in games due to its cuteness" but I hardly found any games with ferret models, much less realistic. Anyone seen anything like it? I can rip most PC games with 3DRipper, consoles games I can only rip if there are tools for it. Im not much of a hexer\coder.

    Ask away!

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