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    QuickBMS GUI 2.0 released

    Michalss released version 2.0 of his QuickBMS GUI ! With this excellent tool you can now do some heavy scripting for QuickBMS by Luigi Auriemma in a comfortable IDE. What more can you wish ? Check the forum entry, or get it from the Tools Blog. Here’s the info on the version changes.
    Features & Version:
    ======== version 2.0 beta ========
    [+] fixed a lot of bugs
    [+] replace old syntax editor with a new one
    [+] integrated Simple HEX Editor
    [+] Key Editor from settings
    [+] autoupdate for qbms.exe
    [+] Project functionality added
    [+] real time command string monitor
    [+] custom qbms variables
    [+] fixed problem with double quotes
    [+] command whisper(beta) gr8 functions
    [+] line grouping to syntax editor
    [+] option to open HTML format from qbms
    [+] And lot of more

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    very well!thx

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