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    Open and modified GR2 files in metin2

    Hi everybody, i post this guide for open mesh file of metin2..... 3d of weapons, armors, ecc..

    Step 1
    for start you need this programs:

    Step 2: extract all epk/eix file of pack folder
    Step 3: Install 3Ds Max
    Step 4: put the files of expotron plug-in in directory of 3Ds Max. ( C/Programmi/AutoDesk/.../plugins)
    Step 4.1: the same whith the archive NWN2
    Step 5: bring for example an weapon gr2 model (item eix/epk)
    Step 6: put the file .gr2 that you want edit (for example 00010.gr2) and drag it in the folder of Gr2 Mesh Coverter
    Step 7: bring gr2 file 00010.gr2 and drag it on .exe file ("grnreader.exe")
    Step 8: click for 3 times "yes"
    Step 9:
    • Now go out there different files, but we interested only the extension .ms
    • Now open 3Ds Max and drag .ms file on the windows of 3Ds Max

    Step 10: now we can edit the file as we want, (remember to create an texture folder whith root "D:\ymir work\item\weapon" for weapon.. you must see the texture root in granny viewer)
    Step 11: when you have finish to edit the file: File-->Export--->Selezionare Granny-RunTime-->Ok.
    Step 12
    • now we have a new .gr2
    • now we only must put this file in the folder we have decrypter recently and recrypt all (remember to write the new root of file in the .xml file of decyper program)

    Step 13: recrypt pack eix/epk
    Step 14: put the new eix/epk in the client
    Step 15: run client and see the new 3d files
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    ahahahahah non ci credo! Anche tu qui!
    Quindi siamo in due ad aver trovato questo forum OTTIMO per trovare guide su come estrarre da qualsiasi gioco xD

    good job =)

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    how to mobs and animation exporter .gr2

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