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    Rise of Immortals 3ds max

    Here is a 3ds max import script for these models.
    Characters are supported with bones and weights
    static objects are just imported i did not assign bones to them.

    and the 2 quickbms scripts
    Run this first
    get idstring long
    get unk01 long
    get totalheader long
    get namecount long
    get files long
    get infoOff long
    savepos nstart
    math infoOff + nstart
    for i = 0 < files
    get nsize short
    getdstring name nsize
    putarray 0 i name
    next i
    goto infoOff
    for i = 0 < files
    get unk01 long
    get unk02 short
    get id long
    get size long
    get offset long
    get nameid short
    getarray NAME 0 nameid
    log name offset size
    next i
    Then run this second on the model files
    get name basename
    get ext EXTENSION
    string name + ".ext."
    string name + ext
    goto 0x10
    get zsize long
    set size zsize
    math size * 10
    comtype zlib_noerror
    clog name 0x24 zsize size
    To have textures auto applied extract the model and texture archive to the same destination then replace the compressed models with the uncompressed ones.

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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