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    Fallout New Vegas to Fallout 4 Custom Mesh Port Workflow


    With Fallout 4 modding tools coming in April, I gave my try at modding. I successfully ported Great Khans outfit armor and helmet along with static props such as Yurts, rugs, totem poles from Fallout New Vegas into Fallout 4.

    I attached a step-by-step guide on how I achieved that. Major props and kudos go to Brain Poof on YouTube. Hopefully, this would be helpful to somebody.

    I'm also looking for any feedback on the custom mesh port. Particularly, I'm having issues with creating or porting any custom collision mesh. So for now, I'm utilizing vanilla Fallout 4 meshes that are as similar as possible. For example, flag pole collision meshes for my totem poles and flag poles, since it's just a rectangular pole.

    Also, I want to download the Age of Conan RDB Extractor tool which I found on this site. I'm planning to port Hyrkanian, Turanian armors, helmets, yurts, weapons into Fallout 4, as part of my Great Khans mod.

    Th-that's all folks!

    Best regards!

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