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    Alvegia Online ENC Decryptor

    Site : here
    Download (Setup) : here
    Download (Torrent) : here

    Well in game have default zip archives (use Winrar or Winzip or something similar). Inside every zip all files encrypted and have extension .ENC. Here tool for decrypt. How to:

    PHP Code:
    AlvegiaDecrypt <inPathName> <inFile> <outFile>


    AlvegiaDecrypt version.xml version.xml.enc version.xml 
    inPathName - Original file path in archive without extension .ENC
    inFile - Input file for decrypt.
    outFile - Output (decrypted) file.

    Unpack file version.xml.enc in D:\Temp for example

    version.xml.enc - not be in a folder within the archive, you should use the tool so

    PHP Code:
    AlvegiaDecrypt version.xml D:\Temp\version.xml.enc D:\Temp\version.xml 
    Now take another file which is in the archives at the following path helpers\maps\ and unpack again in D:\Temp . In inPathName you need set path with reversed slash's

    PHP Code:
    AlvegiaDecrypt helpers/maps/ D:\Temp\ D:\Temp\ 
    Result :

    PS: I know shit explanation

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