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    Lightbulb List Item ID Seal Online

    I just want to help you guys, here is the list of all the items ID in Seal Online
    But, its important for you to make it sure that between item.scr and item.edp are having the same value,
    Although you've edited your item.scr, it is useless if you don't have the same values as item.edp has.

    11826 : Dark Wooden Wing.XG
    11822 : Wooden Wing.XG
    11844 : Brick Hat.XG
    11848 : Knight's Fireball.XG
    11852 : Warrior's Fireball.XG
    11856 : Jester's Fireball.XG
    11860 : Craftsman's Fireball.XG
    11864 : Priest's Fireball.XG
    11868 : Mage's Fireball.XG
    11932 : Golden Light Spear.XG
    11936 : Silver Light Spear.XG
    3910 : Yellow Ribbon.XG

    8997: Anastasis Helmet.XG
    8998: Anastasis Armor(T).XG
    8999: Anastasis Armor(B).XG
    9000: Anastasis Shoes.XG
    I hope it's usefull

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    i cant decode it using EDPUnpacker, could u somehow help me?

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    seal offline

    this game is very good ...

    diamond :
    When refining with a Diamond, there is a chance to fail. Failing to +7 will cause your equipment to fall down to +3 and the gem will disappear while going to +8 will make it go down to +2. Failing a refine to +9 will cause you to lose the Diamond and the equipment you are refining.

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