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Thread: Emblem Saga

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    Emblem Saga

    HP: 纹章传说


    # Emblem Saga
    # Script for QuickBMS
    open FDDE tbl2 1
    set arcnum 0
    comtype "unzip_dynamic"
    goto 0x10001C 1
    for i = 0
      get offset long 1
      get zsize long 1
      get null3 long 1
      get size long 1
      get arcnum long 1
      set NAME1 string "file0"
      set MYEXT string arcnum
      strlen MYEXTSZ MYEXT
      if MYEXTSZ == 1
        string NAME1 += "00"
      if MYEXTSZ == 2
        string name1 - 1
        string NAME1 += "0"
      if MYEXTSZ == 3
        string name1 - 1
        string NAME1 += ""
      string NAME1 += MYEXT
      string NAME1 += .data2
      open FDSE NAME1 0
      get null1 long 1
      get null2 long 1
      get name string 1
      Padding 4 1
      get null long 1
      clog name offset zsize zsize
    next i
    I develop noesis plugins using the Sanae3D interface I wrote. If a plugin says Sanae3D is missing, just download it and put it in your plugins folder. Since signatures do not allow URL tags you can visit my profile to get the link to my website which contains a link to the Sanae3D package.

    But I'm usually on xentax.

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