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    Wink In Need Urgent Unpacking A DLL File ?

    well since this my first Post I feel kind sad to ask for this but I have no choice since I want to study this DLL Badly

    I know from analysis it bypass a Game Connection by redirecting GetPeerName from a Unpacked Client using A DLL etc how it does it still unknown and it is not a paid program and it feel downloaded by their site

    if anyone know what is a Server Emulation is ( Aka Private Server )

    Client Protected - > DLL Injector - > Injects (Packed) DLL Which Bypass The Game Connections Etc.

    Its is Packed With VMProtect + VM's Or Otherwise..

    I only have an issue with unpacking but reversing wont be an issue for me thanks

    Download Extalia.dll from - send big files the easy way

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