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Thread: Metin2 Unpacker

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    Metin2 Unpacker


    I share a unpacker for Metin2, and I show you how to change the LZO key if it's necessary.

    • To decrypt a file just double click on it with the left mouse button.
    • To encrypt a file just double click on the XMR generated file by previous decryption.
    • To encrypt a file without creating strings for XML, there's now a convenient menu. Simply select the folder, right click on it and select the appropriate heading.

    How to change the LZO Key in the unpacker

    Open : m2.exe in hexa progam
    Go to offset : 00083F40
    The lzo original key in hex is :
     B9 9E B0 02 6F 69 81 05 63 98 9B 28 79 18 1A 00 22 B8 B4 04 64 B2 6E 1F AE EA 18 00 A6 F6 FB 1C
    In text :

    Once you have chosen "Crypt in Eix-EPK" will come out a little window where you enter the name of the file and another window where you enter the location of archived files.


    If in the client, you have an another key, copy this another key and change it in your m2.exe.
    Then you can extract successfully

    Virustotal result: 2%

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