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    League of Legends RAF Packer / Extractor

    Tool for pack and extract RAF (DAT) archives from League of Legends

    How to use:
    Note: I still recommend you back up your C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client\filearchives folder
    1. Close League of Legends completely.
    2. Run RAFManager.exe after extracting all files in into a folder.
    3. Create a folder name "skins" anywhere you like, and download some skins off the internet. Drag these skins, or the folder containing them, into RAF Manager.
    4. It doesn't matter where the skins are located. You can even put them in a folder name "aargh", or have ezreal skins sitting in different folders. RAF Manager is smart.
    5. Check the checkboxes next to your skins, so that RAFManager knows you want to install them.
    6. Go to Project->Pack, click Yes to the dialog, and the skins will be installed.
    7. The first time you replace a skin, RAFManager will save the original skin, so that if you decide to uncheck "use", it can revert!
    8. The backups are saved in the /backup/ folder of the RAFManager directory, so don't delete that folder!
    9. Close RAF Manager
    10. Start League of Legends

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    thank you mate, nice work.

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    Thanks, good work.

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