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    Dragon Nest PAK file structure

    Dragon Nest PAK file structure. Can be used for extracting resources from pkg archives.
    //--- 010 Editor v3.2.1 Binary Template
    // File: Dragon Nest PAK structure
    // Author: Genz&Dwar
    // Revision: 2011-08-21
    // Purpose: Resource extraction, repacking
    struct PakHeader
        uchar Signature[0x20];
        uint  Null[0x38];
        uint  Unk;                      //0x0B
        uint  FileCount;
        uint  TableOffset <format=hex>;
        uint  Unk2;
        uint  Null2[0xBC];
    } Header;
    struct FileHeader
        char FileName[0x100];
        uint SizeDummy      <format=hex>;
        uint OriginalSize   <format=hex>;
        uint CompressedSize <format=hex>;
        uint FileOffset     <format=hex>;
        uint Unknown        <format=hex>;
        uint Null[10];
    FileHeader Files[Header.FileCount];
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    I was wondering if you can help me or teach on how to have the bot for dragon nest sea. I'll really appreciate any king of help. Thanks.

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