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    Gunz Online MRS Extractor and MEF Dumper

    MRS Extractor

    Author: x1nixmzeng

    • Only extracts
    • Only handles "official" versions (no non-standard encryption)


    Simple file browser interface (similar to 7-Zip)

    Extraction via:

    • Individual files ( F7 )
    • Current folder ( F8 )
    • Everything ( F9 )
    • By criteria ( F10 ) : Matching part of a filename (case insensitive) , By extension

    MEF Dumper

    Decryptor for MEF files.

    Files dumped to their original filenames
    (i.e. " filelist.xml.mef " is dumped as " filelist.xml ")

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    thanks a lot man you rock

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